Brain!! Why U No Stay Wakey!

MOOD: onigiri- tired (Knocked Out)
Quote Of The Day: “So I fell asleep at the wheel today.” -Juse

So today I fell asleep at the wheel. I can’t even lie, that shit was scary because I was on the highway. Lol. I even tried drinking another coffee right before I got off work so I could be a little bit more awake, but I guess that didn’t work. Sometimes I’m tempted to going back to my old ways and just eating fast food the whole way home. I know that’s not good considering now that I don’t have to drink reason A’s damned soup I can just have dinner right away, so it’ll be like double eating, but eating keeps me awake! I tried drinking ice water, or munching on a snack, but nothing keeps u awake like chomping down on a burger. Lol.

Its middle of the week and once I make it past today, things should move along much faster though. I’ve been so sleepy that I’m not motivated to do my workout after work either. I feel like I’m about to fall asleep doing it. Nooo!! Wake up body, wake up!!


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