Cool Weather, Come To Mama! + My Cats Love Me

MOOD: onigiri- kawaii (Content)
Quote Of The Day: “They just stood there in a row like they’re waiting in line for something!” -reason A

God I love this weather!!! It means hot pots and hot soups and comfy fleece and hot coffee and all things wonderful! Lol. I do have to admit temperature dropped really quickly. It wasn’t as gradual as I think it usually is. We basically went from low 60s in the mornings to 45 degrees yesterday morning? WTF? Lol. But I’m not complaining at all. I think there is gonna be some warm days mid-week next week and then it will cool down permanently. Or so I hope.

I wanted to sleep in but I ended up waking up at 9:30am. I was hungry. I stuffed my face with some crackers and by that time I was a little bit awake so I decided I’d clean my desk. Yes its an every weekend activity and u would think its just a desk, might take a few minutes. How about it took me 5 hrs!! Isn’t that insane?? A few times I heard reason A lecturing the cats through my door. She’d say “What are you guys lining up here for? Go back to bed!” Lol!! Aww, poor things. They heard me making noise in my room so they knew I was up and wanted to come in. They stood by my door and just kept waiting and waiting. reason A said no matter what she said, they refused to listen and just kept standing there staring at my door.

Finally I had no choice so I opened the door and they were all super excited. I went outside and made myself a sandwich and hung out with them for a little bit and then got so sleepy I decided to take a quick nap. Bagel and Muffin followed me in and before I knew it, they were both asleep snuggled up on my leg. Muffin even put her chin over my knee like a little pillow. Too stinkin’ cute!! How do u not love her! Lol. I love spending my Sunday’s like this hangin’ out with my babies. XD


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