TGIF + Survived PayDay!

MOOD: onigiri- happy  (Happy)
Quote Of The Day: “You survived another payday.” -reason A

Nothing makes me happier than when payday happens to land on a Friday. Since I get paid by the date and not by the day, it is rare that it will actually land on a Friday. U can just feel the joy around the office cuz its about to be the weekend and we’re getting paid. Lol.

I was happy but stressed today cuz Bossman and Bill are away in NC on a business trip. I’m glad that I get some freedom although I didn’t get peace and quiet since Bosslady was here, but at least I can do whatever, and she doesn’t really care. It also meant that I got to eat in peace which is something no one should take for granted cuz I rarely get to do it. But I woke up this morning and double checked the company acct and it was negative. I was like *GULPS*, so how am I suppose to give out payroll checks today? Why do they always do this to me? Throw me with the responsibility but not leave me any funds! Arg!!

But in the end, Bossman pulled though and everything went smoothly. Woohoo!! Happy Friday guys!


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