Pain Killers Are Your Best Friend!

MOOD: onigiri- dancing (Workin’ Out)
Quote Of The Day: “I’m walking like I either just got back from horseback riding, just had the world’s most awesome sex, or worked out for the first time in my life. Take a guess which one I am.” -Juse

I remember when I first worked out a couple of months before my wedding. I was determined to lose weight so I could look good in my wedding dress, although I didn’t get a smaller size, it fit me as is but I did wanna lose weight. I was pretty damn determined. I don’t think I’ve ever been more motivated in my life. And although I was still fat afterwards, it was definitely a personal accomplishment because I think 20lbs was the most I’ve ever lost in my life, and to have done it in 2 months was huge for me. It was 2 months of 35-40 minutes of cardio everyday and eating only veggies for 2 months. Oh man that was painful. Lol. Oh and NO COKE. FML. X___X;;

I remember the second day after I started my workouts I walked into work bow-legged. Intern June was like damn what happened to you. Lol!! I told her I was working out and that I had never done that before so my body was cursing at me. I think I stayed sore like that for a week. I was good to go by second week though! Pretty soon I had the routine down packed, and it became easy.

But after I got back, of course I stopped working out and I had a full 2 yrs of drama so working out was the last thing on my damn mind. Now that I’m determined to start it up again, my body is cursing me again. Lol. Last night I was in so much pain that I couldn’t sleep. I feel like I’m about to pass out today. @__@;; But I do plan on taking pain killers tonight. That way I won’t feel a damn thing and can get some rest. I know this will be over in a few days. I just need to tough it out. Pain killers! Please save my life! Lol.


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