No Social Life On A Work Day

MOOD: onigiri- sad (Boo!!)
Quote Of The Day: “Dang, do you work in Alabama?” -Ranjiba

So Runa and Ranjiba asked me if I wanted to join them after work this Friday because they’re going to the Duluth Food Truck Festival or something like that? As much as I wanted to go, I just can’t. I told them by the time I got home it would be around 7:30pm so it would be pointless. Ranjiba was like, “Dang! Do you work in Alabama!” Lol. Yeah, pretty much. @__@;;

My commute is so long that I really am exhausted after I get home from work. Mentally I might want to go out and mingle, but physically I just wanna lie down. I know I’m young and should have more life in me but I don’t. Its the chronic fatigue thing. I wish the event would go through the weekend though! I’d love to go cuz I love food trucks! I haven’t really ate from many here in the U.S. other than at carnivals and stuff. But I heard we have some famous ones in ATL. Maybe I’ll get around to them one day. >_<


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