Wonder Core Day 1: Lawd Help Me!

MOOD: onigiri- dizzy (Exhausted)
Quote Of The Day: “Bagel was trying to rescue u from your pain.” -reason A

So maybe its odd starting in the middle of the month, but we ain’t got no time to waste. Lol. After work today I made a trip to The Container Store to pick up a few things. I swear I have probably seen everything in that store, yet it still sucks at least 30 minutes of browsing time out of me each time. No clue how that happens. Afterwards I headed to Dollar Tree to pick up some stuff for reason A and they were out of stock. *FAILS* Then I had to make a trip to Petco cuz the cats were out of wet food. They ran out of their breakfast which is the Tuna & Crab. Sorry guys! Its just gonna be tuna & white fish this week. By the time I got out it was going on 8pm. How the hell do I run 3 hrs of errands after work? I hate that the days are getting shorter. I feel like it gives me less time to run errands.

When I got home, there was still some time before we started dinner, cuz reason A was cooking curry chicken. Yum yum. I decided since the work out was only 35 minutes, then I needed to get started. The cats have never seen me work out, and let me tell u my least favorite exercises have got to be the sit-up and push-up, and what does this workout consist mostly of?? These two of course. Lol! Cuz its an ab workout! I do have to say the Wonder Core makes it way easier and way more fun. I’m still struggling with push-ups, but I think I got the sit-up thing. The funny part was cuz I was so out of shape, I kept making these struggling noises as I was doing the exercises and Bagel was legitimately concerned. He was staring at me with these wide eyes, then he started circling me then he started pacing back and forth and meowing nonstop! ROFLMAO!! He thought I was in pain! Which I was but it was funny that he wanted to save me but didn’t know what to do. Good job Bagel!! Muffin was also concerned, she kept meowing and looking up at me. Donut on the other hand was just sitting on the sidelines and watching me struggle. #whatareyougoodfor

I was soooooo freakin’ sore afterwards. I didn’t even wanna eat dinner. I must have sweated off a good 2lbs of just sweat. Lol. I’m sure I’ll be less sore as I get more advanced. My goal is to be able to do 50 sit-ups by the end of the week! I think I can only do 20 right now, and that’s with the Wonder Core, if I were to do it by myself on the floor, the count would be zero. Lol. Watch out folks, I might have a 6 pack soon. XDD


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