Monthly Paperwork Wrapped Up + Fluffing Le Resume

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Quote Of The Day: “Biscuit!!” -Steve

I got lucky today too cuz Bossman didn’t come in til after lunch so I got to eat in peace. And today was super productive!! I finished all my accounting paperwork! Woohoo! Now I get to tackle the RMS paperwork. Sometimes I contemplate on which one I hate more. Ugh. I guess I just hate my job all around. >_> But once I finish that which I’m hoping will only take a day or two then I should really be finished.

Then I can focus on just job hunting. There’s not much changing on my resume I guess. I thought about changing the format, but I think its fine the way it is. Its only got 2 jobs on there anyways. Lol. If anything else, employers can’t say I don’t have longevity at a job! I stayed 10 yrs at one and 7.5 yrs at the other. There goes half my life right there. Wow.

I texted Katie today since its been a week since I sent her my resume to forward to her boss, but she hasn’t replied yet. It doesn’t matter, I’m going to apply for other jobs too. I just need to hit any opportunity I can, and u just never know who might give you a chance. One time I was listening to The Bert Show and they had this listener call in and say she just got hired for a really good paying job. But she lied on her resume and she doesn’t have the experience in that field and she has no damn clue what she’s doing at work! Auhhh!! So she is super scared that she’s gonna mess something up or get busted. There was going to be a weekend coming up where a co-worker was calling out so she’d cover the shift by herself and she was nervous cuz she usually relies on others to get through each day. But this time she’s gotta do the work herself. OMG. Lol. In the end she did some late night cramming and Googling and she made it through her day alone. So still no one knew that she was clueless!! Wow. That’s bold. Lol.

I’m sure everyone adds some stuff to make their resume look good but to straight out lie on it?? I don’t know if I can do that. It would give me too much damn anxiety. @__@


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