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Errands With Reason A + Halloween Pet Peeve

MOOD: onigiri- pissed off (Annoyance)
Quote Of The Day: “Those little brats are annoying.” -reason A

First off, Happy Halloween folks! reason A hasn’t been out running errands with me for a hot minute. The cats have been spoiled by always having company. Today they were not happy campers considering they had to be locked in my bedroom again while we went out. The day is getting dark way too fast, and before we knew it, it was night time. reason A wanted to run errands later in the day so we could escape the trick-o-treaters. It freaks her out when someone knocks on the door and she hates kids so its a double whammy. So every year we usually go somewhere and and avoid all the kids or just stay home with lights out. We usually get a lot of kids, not just the ones from our neighborhood but also from who knows where! Like heaps and heaps of them. Ugh.

Let me talk about a pet peeve of mine when it comes to trick-o-treaters. I CANNOT stand it when kids come to the door asking for candy with no costume on and just a candy bucket. Look here little entitled brat, just cuz you’re a kid and just cuz its Halloween does not mean I am obligated to give u candy. I don’t care what the hell u come dressed up as but I need see u make some kind of damn effort! U cannot come to my door dressed like ur usual self, and stick out your hand like a self-entitled booger face and expect me to give u candy. Oh no you don’t! This is handing candy out to trick-o-treaters, not handing random stuff to hobos! Even if you have to put on your grandma’s old dress, u better put that shit on!! If u don’t have a costume on, I will slam the door in your face. That’s how I roll. Lol.

A Couple’s Most Dreaded Topic Of Conversation: Moola

MOOD: onigiri- yeah whatever (Blah)
Quote Of The Day: “Ok, what do you mean ok?” -Juse

Every time I have to have this convo with Kenny, its a huge struggle. His end resolution is always to log off, and run away. I know its a touchy subject, but at the same time I feel like its nothing you can avoid since we are a married couple! Our finances will eventually be together, and I’ve never had to answer to anyone about my spendings either but hey, that’s what happens when you get married. Last time I tried to have this adult convo with him it went terrible. But now that his interview is near, we don’t have time to stall or be immature about it. I told myself I was going to contain my anger and really try to be calm and understanding. The goal is to set up a timeline of when we need to do stuff and a plan for the next 6 months.

Well, surprisingly we did have issues but I guess convo went well?? I told him he had to bring X amount of money with him when he immigrates. I told him the figure and waited for him to either tell me I’m crazy, no way Jose or whatever other excuse he was going to come up with and to my surprise he busted out with “ok”. I was like what do u mean “ok”? I’m thinking to myself, every time I ask u about money u seem to run away. Why the hell are you so ok with it now? Even when I told u I might lose my job, u didn’t offer to help, and now I’m telling u this large figure and u ok it like u just won the lotto? Do u have hidden money that you’re hiding from me?? >_> Lol. Anyways, I told him that he needs to make a chart and show me his expenses so we can go from there. We only have 1.5 months to plan for the interview and roughly 6-7 months to plan for his trip. There are a shit ton of things we need to plan and prepare for. And in the midst of all of this, I’m trying to job hunt. Ugh. I need alcohol. Lol.

Holy Sh!t!!! We Have A Date!!

MOOD: onigiri- terrified (Terrified)
Quote Of The Day: “Auhhhhhhh!!” -Juse

So today I get another letter from immigration. I’m like damn what is it this time. Then I opened it up and how about Kenny’s been assigned an interview date! Auhhhhhh!!! I was literally about to shit my pants! How the hell do u send me one letter one day telling me that the process is started and to just wait on it then the next day tell me bam, its done; here goes ur interview date!! Welp. Its right around the corner in Dec. It gives me all kinds of anxiety. I’ve already been arguing with Kenny a lot cuz I feel like he’s not taking initiative. And this was before I even knew the interview date would be this close. I felt like he wasn’t studying, wasn’t saving up money, wasn’t motivated. U name it! Now its only 1.5 months away and there are so many things to do. If he wants to pass this interview he has to make sure that he hauls ass and gets this done, cuz they don’t play around. If you go in there unprepared, they kick u out and move on. There are just too many people in line for them to be waiting on you.

Hubs Paperwork Update + Job Update

MOOD: onigiri- googlie eyes (Oh Boy)
Quote Of The Day: “I don’t care you better take it!” -Katie

So two major things to report. One, Katie texted me yesterday afternoon and told me she had good news. I was excited. So she told me that her boss is going to be contacting me soon for an interview. I was like woohoo!! She didn’t however discuss the pay with her. She said she’ll leave that up to me which I do agree is more appropriate. So there is that hurdle that we don’t know if they’ll be able to match my pay, but even in the instance that they can’t I can still use this as practice because I am so rusty. Last time I went to a job interview as 7.5 yrs ago!! Oh boy. So I’m nervous, excited and anxious all at the same time. Lol. Lili mentioned that she really didn’t want me trading in one lower paying job for another one. But if this job is at all anything I can deal with then I’ll take it cuz I can always take my time and look for yet another job. The point is I have to get out of the hell hole that I am in now because it could go out of business any minute now, and that’s dangerous.

Second thing to report is this morning I got a letter from immigration. I got scared at first. Did hubs get an interview date already? I’m not sure I’m ready for that. O__O;; Are they missing paperwork? I hesitated before I opened up the document. Come to find out it was just a letter saying that they aren’t missing any paperwork, and things are proceeding fine. The letter also warned that hubs can’t travel, change jobs or sell property from now until he gets his visa. Ahaha. I laughed to myself a little because Kenny had just mentioned that he wanted to change jobs. Of course, he doesn’t like this one. He said he likes the job itself, but doesn’t like the people. And all this time I thought I was the anti-social one. But I’ve never let my dislike of a co-worker or boss keep me from going to work. So the wait game continues I guess.

Dr. Phil Episode: Grandpa Vs. Lung Girl

MOOD: onigiri- scared (WTF)
Quote Of The Day: “So did she just go to the doctor and say I need a lung transplant and by the way I brought my own lung?” -Dr. Phil

So today’s Dr. Phil episode was kinda WTF. So this old dude who has been married for over 50+ yrs apparently had an affair in Mexico with a hotel maid. But come to find out that wasn’t even his first affair. He had a previous affair with a different woman in Mexico before the hotel maid and they have a 19 yr old daughter together. But that’s beyond the point. The issue at hand is hotel maid lady. Her name will change after we get to the meat of the story. >_> So I think he had the affair like 4 yrs ago in Mexico with her for 3 months. Then after he got back, they didn’t have much contact. But one day out the blue she calls him and says she has lung cancer and needs help. She said she’s friendless, doesn’t have any relatives or anyone else to turn to. So in summary he started sending her large amounts of money. When he depleted him and his wife’s join account he started asking his daughters (he has 7 not including one born to lady in Mexico) and also depleted a business that him and two of his daughters were running together.

After all that he started bumming money out of church members, other relatives and even strangers on the street? How does that work. Anyways, so he did that and sent all the money to her. So she told him that she used his money to buy a “lung” off the black market so she can do her transplant. Ok…. Dr. Phil was like so did she just show up at the hospital and is like “Doc, I need to do a lung transplant and I brought my own lung” and she had it in a little ice cooler? ROFLMAO. Please tell me why old man said yes!! Oh boy. Then she said that her body didn’t accept the “lung” so they had to remove it and replace it with a different one! But get this!! She said she kept the first lung so she could resell it! O_O And then… That’s not even the kicker!! The kicker is that she said it took 3 weeks to sell it!! so Dr. Phil was like so where did she keep this “lung” during this time? And Grandpa said that they have a machine in the Mexican hospital to help store it? Oh Lawd. Then she said she sold it to this man who’s wife needed the lung but he didn’t have anything to pay her with so he gave her his ranch. I mean really. So Dr. Phil was like “Oh so its like bartering.” Lol!! I give u a ranch in exchange for the lung. XDD

But wait, it gets better. She also told him that she doesn’t have money to stay in the hospital so get this, she lives on the damn hospital porch. So apparently if u can’t afford a room you can just camp out on their porch. I mean I know that’s a whole different country but com’on now!! Where do they do that at?? ROFLMAO. Then Dr. Phil said… Uh, you know Mexico has universal healthcare right? Nope. Grandpa just refuses to believe it. Dr. Phil also got a doc to come on the show and explain to Grandpa that scientifically speaking there is no way whatsoever for that lung to live outside the human body for 3 weeks!! Once it is removed it must be transplanted in 4-6 hrs! Literally Grandpa said he doesn’t believe it.


Its one thing for you to buy into a few lies but at this point, I just think there is something wrong with ur head. Its way pass delusional. It makes absolutely no sense and either you’re being the stubborn old fart that you are, and refusing to admit that ur ass just got scammed or u honest to God are delusional. Because of this, his wife is losing the house, his daughter already lost her house AND her car. I mean com’on now!! I would have just disowned his ass and put him on the street a long ass time ago. How about u go ahead and go to Mexico and be with the woman so u can not only support her financially but also emotionally huh? Wouldn’t that be even better?? Somebody please come throw this man in the river. I can’t even deal. -__-;;

The Amazon Side Job Is Time Consuming

MOOD: onigiri- happy (Accomplished)
Quote Of The Day: “And guess what? I still eat chicken fingers!” -Katie

So I had mentioned before that I test out products and write reviews for them on Amazon. The products are usually very random. They can range anywhere from electronics to kitchen items to whatever. I have a lot of fun doing it and I don’t mind at all. Free shit! Who doesn’t want that?? Lol. But sometimes it gets a little overwhelming. I can’t even lie. I try my best to crank out the reviews the next day after I get them. Most things are things you can test out in one or two uses so I don’t have to wait very long. But I do pretty in depth reviews with pics and everything. I want to be a responsible reviewer and not only do it to get free shit but to actually tell the truth about what I think about the product. There will be people who are buy these items at full price so I want to make sure I consider that when I review.

I must have spent like 5 hrs writing reviews today! OMFG. I wrote like 7 I think. Whew. That was a lot. If I don’t stay on top of this stuff, it tends to pile up quick. Then it goes from being a fun hobby to being a responsibility and that pretty much takes the fun out of it. But I feel accomplished when I do get them all done which is rare, because its on going and I keep having more stuff to test and review on a daily basis. Lol. But its a lot of fun. Send me more shit!! I’ll review it! Unless its the buttless underwear they had last time cuz I’m not really sure how I can post a picture of that. >_>

Forever Backtracking… Ugh!

MOOD: onigiri- yeah whatever (Meh)
Quote Of The Day: “Its odd running errands on a Sunday.” -Juse

Does someone want to explain to me why I’m forever doing backtrack blogs? I feel like I’m stuck in a rut and I’m only posting to be posting and there is no content to my blog anymore. I use to post about current events or interesting topics and now I feel like the only thing I use my blogs for is complaining about work. Lol. It goes to show u what an interesting life I have! *FAILS* Mainly I think because I don’t have a social life, so my work does take up the bulk of my existence, so if I don’t talk about work, then what the hell am I suppose to talk about? My only other distractions from work would be my cats or Kenny. And I’ll take talkin’ about the cats over Kenny any day. *FAIL AGAIN*

Hopefully I can find a little mojo for life next week and since Bossman won’t be there, I can get some shit done, be motivated and keep on truckin’!

No Plan Saturday

MOOD: onigiri- kawaii (Content)
Quote Of The Day: “The cat’s schedules get jacked up on the weekends.” -reason A

Ah relaxing Saturday~! I woke up around 8am. I wanted to force myself to sleep more so I drank some water, had a couple of crackers and went back to bed. Good thing I did end up falling back asleep and then I woke up around noon. That’s more like it. Even when I just cough in my room or clear my throat, here the cat’s come running. They know that means I’m up and they get super excited. reason A said she got up to use the restroom and saw the whole cat fambam outside my door lined up ready to charge in. Ahaha. How stinkin’ cute is that?? I was up for real so I didn’t mind.

We had breakfast and then since everyone was lazy and sleepy we just all went back to sleep. When I woke up the 3rd time, it was around 5pm? I was suppose to go to Wally World and then the grocery store but I honestly just didn’t feel like budging. By the time I got ready and dressed, it would have been dark and I just didn’t wanna be out in the dark. I think reason A has instilled that paranoia in me. I can always just go tomorrow. There’s a big step for me. Running errands on a Sunday. Something I never do. Lol.

Bossman Goes Bye Bye? + Busy Work Day

MOOD: onigiri- sweating (Breakin’ A Sweat)
Quote Of The Day: “I’m telling you. Just get a cat Runa, then you won’t need a husband or kids.” -Juse

Its hard having a busy Friday. You’re anxious and want to hurry up and get off work but u have work piled up and you kind of want to get it done so that its not the first thing that greets you Monday morning. My payoff however is that I think Bossman is leaving tomorrow on a business trip. I got a glimpse of what seemed like an itinerary. I didn’t say anything of course but secretly I was jumping up and down in my head. XD That means another 2 weeks of freedom!!!

This weekend will be the first that I don’t have anything planned. I mean I have my usual errands but I’m not hanging out with anyone, I’m not obligated to get up early for anything, its just gonna be me and the bed. I’m gonna get some much needed sleep, hang out with the cats, catch up on some TV and hopefully eat good. Lol.

I tried to get as much work done today as I could. That way I can spend Monday relaxing since that’s my least motivated day anyways. reason A said its suppose to rain all next week? Nooo!! Why!! I do want the weather to get cooler, however the whole week of rain as a trade off is kinda like eh… >_>

You’re Really Not Helping + Should Have Brushed Up On The Korean

MOOD: onigiri- dizzy (Confused)
Quote Of The Day: “Ok, this? Ok… Ok…” -Korean Lady

Ok, here’s a tip about doing something good. Your intentions might be good but u might just be giving the other person more shit than they originally had to do. So since Bossman is in a financial bind right now, this old client of his decides to bring us over a new friend of his who is looking to open up a new business and might need our services. So its this old Korean couple. Boy do I wish I studied harder in Korean class in college. Lol.

So how about the husband doesn’t speak a lick of English, the wife only speaks a couple of words, and here I am trying to explain these very complicated ideas to them and how much they cost. The whole communication part was just a fail. I even used broken English to try and tell her but it only half worked. Lol!! Can you just imagine if they had to work with someone else? Like an American? Nobody has patience for that! What very little English she spoke she had to translate that to her husband. I was like aww. So as if that wasn’t a big enough headache. After all that back and forth, I finally figured out she was telling me that their company isn’t even established yet! Like literally they don’t even have an office building rented out! So honestly we can’t be of any service to her yet! This is what I mean about trying to help but just end up being a fail! Why did u bring this couple here if they’re not even at the stage in their business where we can work together??? That’s like u just giving birth to a baby and I’m coming to show u brochures about college for your kid. You’re not there yet!!

I can’t lie, I was pretty frustrated. Everyone thinks I have patience for old folks but I really don’t. I just mumble under my breath and let it brew. Lol. U can tell I don’t have patience for old folks cuz I can’t deal with Bill. -__-;;