Is The Universe Sending Me A Sign?

MOOD: onigiri- happy (Excited)
Quote Of The Day: “Oh Lord, what were u thinking? Lol.” -Katie

So Tanya reminded me something that I totally forgot about. This is why its good to have friends so that they can give u good ideas when you aren’t thinking straight. She said why don’t u ask Katie if her job is hiring. I totally forgot about that. Sometime last year Katie asked me for a favor. She had something she needed designed for her job but she didn’t know how to do it. I said sure.

She said her boss really liked it, and I jokingly asked her if they wanted to hire me and how about they said yes. So I sent in my resume to her boss and everything. But right when she was about to schedule me for an interview, I had to decline. One, it was located Downtown. I can’t do that. Its far, its jammed, and its a nightmare. If I wanted to drive that far, I’d stay at my current job. Two, I needed to stay at my current job so I could do Kenny’s paperwork. Thank you baby Jesus that hot mess is over with. Three, Katie said they don’t get paid much or probably couldn’t match my pay.

But now I’m in a tight spot so I have to try all possible opportunities. Well I texted Katie and come to find out they are still hiring! She said there is a guy who is quitting and his position will be open and its a “marketing” position. So that’s right up my alley since that’s my major! They also moved offices, and is not located right off Buckhead and I Googled the distance and its exactly half of my current daily commute! Wow! I’ve always wanted a fancy shmancy job in Buckhead! Lol. And its my profession and I get to work with Katie! Its like awesome all around. Is this the universe coming to my rescue? Lol. The only thing now is the pay. Katie asked me if I’d mind telling her my current pay so we don’t waste anyone’s time and she can just ask her boss for a yes or no as to if they can match it or not. I don’t get paid a lot but I definitely don’t get paid pennies.

I told Katie to put in a good word for me because if they’re willing to take a chance with me, within a few days, they’ll be able to see that I’m a great added value to their company. I’ve always been timid and had no confidence, but my work is where I excel. Honestly I am very confident in my work ethics and I do what I have to do to get shit done, and that hasn’t carried me very far in my job apparently but I’m pretty loved across the board by my managers/bosses.

I’ll give it a few days and then see if I can get an update with Katie. I ordered a suit online that should come in next week, and I’ll be all set for interviews.


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