Mid-Autumn Festival + Dress For Success!

MOOD: onigiri- sweating (Oh Boy)
Quote Of The Day: “U look like you’re about 40 yrs old in a pant suit.” -reason A


So I am happy to report today that me and reason A are feeling much better. I still feel like ass only cuz its that time of the month still and I’m moving at turtle speed. The rain is still going strong and the whole feel is just gloomy and depressing. Not sure what reason A came down with but I’m just glad she’s fine now. Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival and its a whomp whomp that we were sick yesterday and its raining today. Nonetheless we had already gathered all the stuff for a hot pot so that’s what we had for dinner. We actually didn’t eat much. Maybe because we were still recovering and just not in the mood to chow down.

Although it was raining all day, I did have to go out and run some errands. I HATE having to run errands in the rain but hey, what can you do? So my mission was actually to go out and search for some interview clothes. Honestly I’ve only had 2 legit jobs in my life, one for 10 yrs and this one I currently have for 7.5 yrs. There goes my whole professional career! Lol. For the first job at OMX I had a uniform to wear. Job currently is an office setting but since I don’t actually deal with “clients” or “customers” on a daily basis, I just wear whatever to work. I had mentioned before that our cleaning lady Larissa calls me “the lady who’s always wearing pajamas” Lol!! How sad.

So I never really had a job where I had to wear formal business attire on a daily basis. I’m a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl so this is definitely an adjustment for me. I just look so old with formal attire on. Ugh!! I asked Lili what I’m suppose to wear to an interview and she said suit. I was like noooo!!! I don’t wanna dress like Hillary Clinton! Lol. Me no likey pant suits!! >_< But she said I should wear that for the interview so I went out searching. No luck. I tried on one that had potential but they didn’t have my size. I really need to have an outfit ready before I apply for jobs cuz what if I get a call back right away? WTF am I gonna wear?? Lol. I need to find something that fits. ASAP!!


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