Kenny’s Paperwork? Check!

MOOD: onigiri- hooray (Celebrating)
Quote Of The Day: “OMFG. I am finally done with Kenny’s paperwork!!” -Juse

Ladies and gents, I have FINALLY after almost 2yrs, finished Kenny’s paperwork!! Auhhhh!!! I can’t even believe it. Why the f@ck has it taken this long?? Well first yr I was waiting on Kenny to come up with reason A’s dowry money, the second yr we had many bumps in the road, drama, bad communication, etc. And I honestly just lost all motivation to do his paperwork. I even started to despise him a little. No, correction; A LOT!! I started to hate him! Lol. This long distance relationship thing really is just for the damn birds. I always prided myself on how the “distance” wasn’t a factor for us, but that was before marriage. Reality is, in a marriage, distance does play a big part. And while I think its fine for dating, its really tolling on a husband and wife. Life has been hell for me ever since I got married. Like literally it was the roughest couple of yrs of my life since I’ve been an adult. I feel like I can finally take a sigh of relief now. Unless they contact me to tell me that I’m missing some paperwork, it is for the most part out of my hands. Now we just wait to see if he gets approved for and interview date, and we’re good to go. I am so happy I finally got this done. So something good did come out of this work drama I guess. At least it made me haul ass on Kenny’s paperwork. Lol.


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