Not Enough Time In A Day

MOOD: onigiri- yeah whatever (Eh)
Quote Of The Day: “I told myself I was definitely gonna get work done but then he left and I was like nah, nevermind.” -Juse

U know what? There is just not enough time in a day to do everything that needs to be done. For someone who is a religious planner and is constantly writing shit down in my planner, you would think I would have things prioritized and know what I am doing and can just go down the list and get shit done but it never works out that way. I know this is cheating, but sometimes to make myself feel accomplished, I purposely write down things that I’ve already done just so I can cross them out on my list. Lol!! But I’m not the only one that does that! I was listening to The Bert Show and Jeff says he does that sometimes too. Sometimes its just a little motivation to get u going you know? You need that little bit of boost to let you know that things are moving a long and you’re not accomplishing nothing or stuck in a rut. But for the most part I know its just cuz a) I’m being lazy or b) YouTube has stole hrs of my life again. Ugh. Damn u YouTube, damn u!! -__-;;

I did get a lot done today. Tomorrow is Bossman’s last day before he goes on his overseas trip again and I am SOOOO happy beyond belief that I will finally get some quiet time again. I’ve been waiting for him to leave for a while now. Its not that I don’t do any work when he’s gone, I just don’t like being micromanaged and I want to do stuff at my own pace. It’ll all get done, but I don’t like when you’re breathing on my neck about it. >_> One more day. Hang in there Juse.. One more day.


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