Depressed + Job Insecurity

MOOD: onigiri- sad(Somber)
Quote Of The Day: “She woke up and was like, when did I turn Asian? Lol.” -Juse

You ever have one of those days where you just feel sad? Like you’re in a somber mood but you’re not too sure why? Maybe its because I’ve been watching a very depressing TV series these days and I’m so obsessed with it. I might write a whole blog post about it. Lol. Or it might be because work is stressing me out and I feel like I’m in a bad place in more than one aspect of my life. Its almost like if I were an outsider looking at my life, I’d think its depressing. -__-;;

Sometimes I just think I have a sad existence. I don’t even get on Facebook much now because looking at other people’s lives depresses me. I feel like pitying myself right now. I should have brought Muffin to work with me to cheer me up. Lol. Its probably the job that’s depressing me. I just don’t want to work for another company until it goes out of business like my last job. That can’t possibly sound good on the resume. It might seem like I’m loyal but in reality they might think, dang, does bad luck just follow this girl or what? *FAILS*

Yesterday we got some bad news at work. In a nutshell our company is in danger. Due to mismanagement of finances, we are in a tough spot and might have to evacuate our building. Knowing that I’m a hoarder, I have a shit ton of random shit at work. So per Bill’s recommendation, I decided to start taking some of my shit home a little each day. I could be out of a job in like 10 days! How stressful is that!! Yesterday I took home two boxes. But I didn’t take them completely home, they’re sitting in my car. I haul them around like a hobo. Its stuff I need on a regular basis but I can’t leave them on my desk cuz what if we get locked out? Ugh!! What kind of life is this??


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