Thanks Sentry, You Almost Murdered My Cats!

MOOD: onigiri- crying deeply (Guilty)
Quote Of The Day: “The flea medicine almost murdered the cats.” -reason A

So this was a stressful day. While combing my cat’s fur yesterday, I realized there might be a flea problem. I was so scared. Literally in my head I yelled “Noooo!!” So I had to take action immediately as a preventative measure. I have all carpet so this could turn into a scary situation if I got fleas everywhere. I’m sure they caught it from the woods. Ugh!! I hate our woods in the backyard. All kinds of bugs and shit.

I was gonna go with Advantage II which I think I heard great reviews about. But that’s like $20 each per month? That’s too expensive. So I decided to go with another brand that was way cheaper. I think 3 month supply (3 tubes) was less than $20. I figured that would work cuz since I have 3 cats, I’ll give each a tube and it will be one month’s supply. It seemed pretty easy to put on, you just put it at the nape of the neck and its suppose to do all the work itself. Uh… I got it on all 3 cats and immediately I was panicked. It almost seemed like they had an adverse reaction to it? All 3 were scratch vigorously at their neck area that had just turned into a blob of wet fur. My poor little Donut scratched so hard that patches of her fur started coming out!! I was so scared!! Like it was just falling out! By night time, Muffin had missing patches of fur on her too!! Me and reason A were so stressed out. Bagel looked sedated. And since he was trying to clean himself he kept trying to lick his neck and then eventually it caused him to vomit. I was like OMG! Is this like poisoning?? What should I do!

All 3 of them seemed out of it and they didn’t wanna eat or drink or do anything other than scratch and lie down. I felt SOOO guilty for putting them through that! I didn’t kill any fleas but I sure as hell almost killed my cats! I’m not sure if it was just this particular brand that they were having an adverse reaction to or just flea medication in general. We definitely vowed to never give it to them again. reason A said we can just bath them and that will help and we can put out flea traps and vacuum more often, hopefully all that will help. My poor babies. Mommy is sorry!! >_<


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