Welcome Back Little Red!

MOOD: onigiri- happy (Happy)
Quote Of The Day: “Little Red’s ass looks great!” -Juse

I can really get use to this Jetta u know. One, its black and I love black cars. Two, its push button start so that’s pretty damn cool. Three, the seat sits high which is great for me cuz my short ass has problems seeing over the dashboard anyways. But let me tell you something super lame that happened yesterday. So I was SO focused on driving and being aware of my surroundings while driving home yesterday in fear of any fender benders or crazy drivers, that I drove pass my house. ROFLMAO!! Like how retarded is that! I just kept looking straight and totally forgot that I needed to make a left turn. *EPIC FAIL*

So this morning around 10am or so Maaco calls me and tells me my car is ready to pick up. Whoa! That was super fast. It was like just a one day turn around. But since I was already at work, I couldn’t go pick it up. They closed at 5pm and I didn’t get off work til 5. I knew I had to request some time off to go pick her up cuz I think there is a $25 storage fee if I let her stay overnight at Maaco if she’s already finished. I told Bill I needed to leave at 3 so I could get my car. Of course he was like blah blah blah, but I was like whatever, this is a legit reason and I’m leaving at 3 regardless.

The day went by fast, and I was happy cuz Bossman wasn’t here! He went to MS again. Heck yeah! So I get a freebie for leaving early cuz he won’t know. Thinking it would be a fast drive, I hit crazy traffic on 285. They had Dragoncon Downtown, Vice President was in town and the Falcons had a game at the GA Dome? Or something like that. Good thing I left when I did. It started to rain as I was driving to Enterprise to return the rental but thank goodness it was just a little sprinkle.

Enterprise gave me a ride back to Maaco and I’m happy to report that my total was exactly $225 as promised. Yays! I was sad to say goodbye to the Jetta but at the same time relieved to get Little Red back cuz that meant this whole accident is now behind me. Whew! I immediately drove to Wally World to get new hubcaps for Little Red. Please let these stay on. Its not like they’re expensive but I would still hate having to keep replace them. Arg…

I was only missing two hubcaps and although I would have liked to switch out all 4 so they match, reason A was like just replace the two u are missing and when the back two pop off u can put the other pair on. Lol. How sad is it that we assume they’re gonna pop off? Lol. Anyways, welcome back Little Red!


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