Running Late + Setting Up Rental

MOOD: onigiri- upset (Dope!)
Quote Of The Day: “Fuuuuuuuuuu” -Juse

Boy I tell u that awkward moment when you get to work late and then realize that your Boss beat u to work so u have to explain why you’re late! I thought I was gonna swallow my damn tongue in the parking lot when I saw his damn car outside. I didn’t know he would be at work that early! But go figure, he probably just drove back from MS and hasn’t even gone home yet. Honestly he works pretty hard. He just has horrible money managing skills. For as diligent as he is, he should be a millionaire by now. Too bad. But then again he has no morals and people like that shouldn’t come upon wealth. That would be unfair to the world.

Anyways, good news is his office door was closed. He was probably napping cuz he did an overnight drive, in other words, he doesn’t know I’m late. Muahahaha. Juse wins again. Hopefully he’ll just stay in his office all day and sleep and not come out and bother me. I shouldn’t complain cuz he’s always out on business and actually doesn’t spend that much time at the office so I do have a lot of freedom here.

So I plan on taking Little Red to the shop tomorrow. When I went to Maaco last last weekend to get an estimate, they told me it would take 2 business days. So since its going to be Labor Day weekend coming up, I knew I had to get her in and out of the shop before then. So I decided Wed. would be a good day, I can pick up her on Fri, in time for the long weekend. I called the insurance adjuster today to set up a rental. I have a love/hate relationship with rentals. Sure I love driving new cars, most of the time they give me something I’ve never drove before, so its fun like I get to test drive a different brand car for a few days. At the same time I get paranoid because I’m so damn accident prone and seem to be holding a sign over my head that says “hit me here” that I don’t want any liability with a car that doesn’t belong to me. I guess I’ll just have to be super careful for the next two days and hope we can get this thing over with ASAP.


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