Happy Birthday reason A! + Plain Day

MOOD: onigiri- cutesy (Pleasant)
Quote Of The Day: “Your grandma never celebrated my birthday, so its a habit that I don’t celebrate birthdays either.” -reason A

Happy Birthday reason A!! Although today was her actual birthday, we didn’t do anything special today. I guess me taking her out to Nori Nori yesterday counted as our celebration. Today we just slept in, and then did our usually Sunday routine which was house chores. Sometimes I feel like its nice to be able to just stay at home and do nothing. It seems few and far between these days that I get some time like that to just lay around and do nothing. Every weekend it seems like I have something going on. Sure I wanna hang out with friends and be social or go shopping but sometimes I just wanna stay at home, hang out with my cats and be a bum! Lol.

Today went pretty smoothly. Although me and reason A haven’t had “real drama” ever since we got the cats, I have had drama with her my whole life, so I can’t help but feel anxious when holidays or special occasions roll around because that’s when its usually the worse. I’m on edge the whole day until its time to go to bed, and I can finally let out a sigh of relief cuz I know the day is over and I can go back to normal the next day. With that said, this whole birthday weekend was very successful, so yay! Lol.


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