Goodbye Sasha

MOOD: onigiri- crying deeply (Sad)
Quote Of The Day: “That is true but I miss my baby. My house all quiet and shit now.” -Tanya

So I spoke with Tanya this week and she told me that her dog Sasha passed away. I was super sad because I’ve known Sasha ever since I’ve known Tanya. I think we’re going on 10 yrs now. Tanya and Tamika use to have two dogs, Sasha and Crystal. They had to put Crystal down last yr or was it the yr before last. She was really old and deaf and couldn’t see good so eventually they had to put her down. Sasha hadn’t been eating for a week and was pooping blood and they took her to the vet and found out she had a stomach tumor and she could have surgery but because of how old she was (10yr old large dog) it might not make any difference so in the end they decided to put her down. I was really really sad about it.

I’ve had pets here and there in my life, like turtles and hamsters and fish for the longest but now that I have cats I can feel Tanya’s pain. Cats and dogs really are like family and I even cried my eyes out when my fish of 3 yrs died, I can’t imagine life without my cats!! I know the typical cat can live almost 10+ yrs but one of Will’s cats just passed away and she was only 3yrs old!! U just never know! I get so scared and stressed out thinking about it. I know that day will come for them, hopefully not for a very long time, and I worry about it constantly. Having pets is fulfilling and rewarding but when they are sick or dying u feel so helpless and it cuts deep in your heart like any passing family member would. I’m not sure when that day comes if I’ll be able to handle it!! I am not good with this stuff!!

I hope Sasha is doing good in doggy heaven and now she can be with Crystal and play and enjoy herself. I don’t know if Tanya and Tamika are gonna get another dog but it probably won’t be for a while. She told me that the other day she went to the dining room and usually Sasha is lying there on the floor and she always has to walk over her, but when she passed by that spot the other day and didn’t see Sasha there she just lost it!! She busted out crying because how does someone get over that?? A companion for 10 yrs!! I feel so bad for Tanya. She said the house is super quiet now. R.I.P. Sasha, we will miss you.


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