Chores Day

MOOD: onigiri- dancing (Working Hard)
Quote Of The Day: “I swear if this damn cat hangs on the curtain one more time.” -reason A

I’m actually ok with Sunday being chore day. Just like how we’ve already established that Sat. is my Errand Day. Sunday has officially become Chore Day. Lol. Its the day I get to do laundry, vacuum, and other random things that need to be done around the house. I hope nothing exciting is happening in the ad this week, cuz I didn’t even go get a Sunday paper. I was too lazy.

We only had three goals today really. One, hang up the curtain. It was just fine until Donut decided to play “swing” on it and almost tore down the whole damn curtain rod so we have to screw it into the wall again before the whole thing comes falling down and turns one of our cats into cat pancake. I hate hanging curtains. I’m scare of heights and I’m short but I can’t have reason A up there cuz she’s old so I have no choice! Glad we got that done!

Next thing was scrub down the litter box. That’s reason A’s job and its a weekly thing. After that I vacuumed and we were done for the day! Lol. I hate vacuuming even with the fancy shmancy vacuum. But I am fascinated to see just how much hair actually gets sucked up and then as I’m dumping it I’m like EWWW!! Lol.

Dinner was the the remainder of hot pot. And it was just as glorious as it was yesterday. Lol. Yum yum!!


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