Little Red’s Ass Update + Weekend Plans + Grocery Store Round Up

MOOD: onigiri- happy hands (Busy Bee)
Quote Of The Day: “Whoa, that’s a lot of cat food u have there.” -Petco Cashier

Its finally Friday. This has been a traumatic week for me. First the frustration with dealing with Kenny’s next phase of paperwork, then lady rear-ends me in the rain. So today the adjuster finally called me. I was just about to call the insurance agent back to see what the hold up was cuz its been 3 days. He said he can come by on Monday to take a look at the car. I was like kool. Lets do this!

I’m going to Maaco tomorrow and get an estimate on my own to see just how bad it is, and what the turn around time would be. Then I’m having lunch with Lili and we’re probably gonna hit up the mall although reason A forbid me to go mall hopping with her cuz she said u can’t wear out a pregnant lady. Lol!!

reason A decided that tomorrow she wants to have hot pot for dinner. I immediately wanted to slap my forehead. Don’t get me wrong I love hot pot. I’ll take that any day! But its difficult to prepare for and its hot as shit outside! Why would u wanna eat hot pot?? Lol. Anyways, because I’ll probably be too tired to do the shopping for it tomorrow so I decided to tough it out and go straight after work today. Its not really hard to find stuff, its just a lot of stuff. And of course like a retarded, I made a list and then left it on my desk at work. Whomp whomp.


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