Can Someone Take My Place Please? This Wife Needs A Break!

MOOD: onigiri- upset (Frustrated)
Quote Of The Day: “Can you just answer my question please!” -Juse

I swear Kenny makes me wanna pull my hairs out. Sometimes he sucks at communication so much I feel like I’m talkin’ to a wall. I know I’m a long-winded person. So just imagine that me being as long-winded as I am, if I think he’s beating around the bush then other’s might just wanna kill themselves to get out of the misery!

I ask him A and he’ll give me B. I feel like we’re not even on the same damn page. I even tell him, do not tell me this and that, tell me exactly what I am asking you for. I’m trying to wrap up his paperwork and he is just making it so difficult. Granted I don’t understand how his government operates but I’ve always thought he was smart but either his IQ dropped right after we got married or I was just blind from the get go but he is not and never was with the program!! I remember a phrase that Unnie use to say all the time, “Help me help you.” I am trying my best to help you but can you please meet me halfway? Maybe I need a vacation. Can someone go on hiatus from being a wife? I need to do that.


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