Costco In The Rain Episode

MOOD: onigiri- upset (Arg)
Quote Of The Day: “Girl, were you not on a budget?” -Juse

I really can’t deal with the rain. The only time I want to deal with the rain is if I was sitting in a cafe, sipping on some bomb ass coffee and looking out the window while I’m listening to depressing music. That would be awesome. But other than that, I hate the rain. I hate driving in it, I hate running errands in it, I hate having wet clothes, or looking at wet trash! Its suppose to rain all damn week. Ugh. Which I wouldn’t have a problem with if it didn’t always have to rain right at 5pm!! That always seems to happen!

reason A told me to stop by Costco on my way home and grab her some flour. Now you’re thinking, u can get flour anywhere right? Why do I have to go to Costco for it? How cute. Ya’ll are thinking a normal 5lb bag of flour. But we go through so much damn flour with the dumplings and bread and everything else, we get the big ass bag from Costco! I think its a 20lb bag?? So crazy. But it really is cheap so I guess. >_> Then we’re also out of almonds and I needed to grab some more water.

I had the foresight to take an umbrella in with me in case it rained when I came out but I did not know that it was gonna rain like the damn Amazon when I got out! I was about to check out at the register when reason A called and said it was pouring outside. I saw and was like oh shit. Guess my ass isn’t gonna be leaving right away. I had a big ass bag of flour with me! U know that can’t get wet! And they don’t give u bags at Costco. U have to grab a box and make it work. But I can’t put that big ass flour in a box! Finally I grabbed one and covered the top of the box. Then I decided to just grab a hot dog and a soda and sit and eat. I was starving and I needed to stall some time.

When the rain calmed down I decided to make a run for it. Let me tell u that juggling a big tote, a pathetic umbrella and all groceries was NOT cute. I looked a hot mess, my pants were wet, my shit was falling all over the place, arg!! Never again!!


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