Auh~! Peaceful Wednesdays…

MOOD: onigiri- happy hands (Woohoo)
Quote Of The Day: “I’m a professional coffee maker. Holla.” -Eric

No Bosslady today! She always attends church on Weds so she doesn’t come. I’m free~! She herself doesn’t bother me that much I guess although I don’t like her, but its her rudeness that I really just can’t deal with at all. She offers me half eaten food and other random shit that she swears I’d take like I’m the garbage disposal and her favorite thing is giving me expired shit. Why do u think I want that?? I sure don’t make any money working at this shit hole job but I’m not in poverty! I don’t want ur expired crap! That’s what the trash can is for. They don’t even give out expired food at the food banks!

Second, she is constantly interrupting my lunch! I can’t deal with it. I hate being bothered during eating. Its my time to watch some TV, eat my little lunch and just have some quiet time. But my ass can’t have quiet time if u keep coming over to talk to me about insignificant things that I’m obligated to answer because you’re staring at me as I chew awkwardly! I feel like I can’t digest properly and I’m about to choke on my damn food!! So with all that said. I like Wednesdays. They are peaceful. Lol.


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