Work Flow + Chicken & Water

MOOD: onigiri- dizzy (Busy)
Quote Of The Day: “Well Mike always just says he wants to kick them in the head.” -Juse

Oh man work wore me out! Although Bossman was kind of in and out but I still had a ton of work to do and I felt a little overwhelmed. Do you ever get like that? Like u let work pile up so high that u don’t know where to start from and u just give up?? Lol. That’s me right now. The more he’s not here, the less motivated I am to do something so it continues to pile. *FAILS*

I am excited about this weekend! Saturday is Medieval Times with reason A and Sunday is lunch at Masti! I think Ranjiba said it was a fairly new place and so we’re all trying it for the first time. I hope its good because reason A is very intrigued by Indian cuisine, but of course her and I are clueless when it comes to any recommendation for restaurants, so I’m hoping this place is good then I can take reason A! Lol.

I went to Costco after work to pick up some bottled water. reason A and I literally kill a 48pk in less than 2 weeks. So now I’m up to grabbing 2 of the 48pks every time I go! That shit is heavy. Its gotta be at least 60lbs, cuz I’m use to lifting 50lb bags of rice and this feel heavier. >_> Since I went to Costco, that means dinner was rotisserie chicken. So essentially we’re gonna be having chicken for 3 straight nights cuz Medieval Times dinner is also roast chicken. Lol. The cats were super happy about the chicken last night and murdered 2 whole chicken breasts! @_@


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