Silliness Has No Age Limit

MOOD: onigiri- happy (Cracking Up)
Quote Of The Day:I am not paying to jump to my death. I see that as the same as going to haunted houses/corn maze. I am not paying to get the shit scared out of me.” -Tanya

I got lucky today. I hope that I’m as lucky tomorrow. Bossman made a trip to Mississippi! Hell yeah! This is how I love to have it. I can only deal with one old fart at a time, I can’t deal with two. So when one comes back the other is gone. That’s the good life. Lol. Of course I’d take Bill over Bossman being here any day. He, for the most part doesn’t bother me. He stays in his office and I do whatever at my desk, and work at my own pace where as Bossman likes to micro-manage and annoy me. Lol.

So last weekend when me and Tanya were gonna hang out, we had a hilarious text convo. Honestly for the ages that we are, we’re so retarded! We act and talk like a bunch of kids. That’s why I often forget how old she is. We were talkin’ about what we plan to do that weekend for my birthday and I’m trying to get her to go sky diving with me:

Me: Is we still jumping out of a plane after food?
Tanya: Soon as u find a plane to jump out of.
Me: Its “we”. We is jumping out of a plane.
Tanya: I am not jumping out of a plane.
Tanya: But I will support u and be on the ground when u land.
Me: That’s messed up. What if they got a 2 for 1 deal?
Tanya: U gonna have to jump twice.
Tanya: Just saying…


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