Welcome Back Billy!

MOOD: onigiri- cheerful (Chatty)
Quote Of The Day: “I have an imaginary sister, and when they need to cuss at someone, I bust out with her.” -Kenny

Well, the Billster is back to work today. I feel relieved. It wasn’t that bad at work cuz I handled my shit and his shit pretty well while he was gone so there’s not too much chaos that I have to catch him up with. Hopefully he won’t take anymore vacay, leave of absence or whatever else before the end of the year. I have a lot of things I need to focus on and catch up on and so I really can’t keep on neglecting my own things to deal with his.

We still haven’t had any applicants for the job yet. That’s kind of depressing. I sometimes wonder since I’m so anti-social if I’d rather just have it as it is, and not have a co-worker sit at the desk next to me? That’s where June use to sit. I have a U work center and she has an L center attached to me. So we are about 5 feet apart but very close because our big ass desks are attached in the middle. Since I spend all my free time watching videos on my computer, it annoys me when others can see my computer monitor. So I’ve been very bold recently and putting my videos on full screen when watching cuz there’s no one around me! But if someone comes to fill June’s spot, I know their nosy ass will be all up in my computer. Lol.

Around afternoon time, Bossman came up to me and asked me for an update on the project that I was watching over while Bill was gone. I nonchalantly told him that I gave that project back to Bill so I don’t have an update. He gave me a nasty look. I guess he thought I’d see the project til the end?? Why? Its not even mine! Of course I’m gonna give that shit back to Bill with a quickness!! Why should I still work on it now that he’s back? Ain’t nobody that damn dedicated to this shitty ass job!


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