Carrabba’s With Tanya

MOOD: onigiri- happy (Happy)
Quote Of The Day: “There’s only 560 people minus Jesus, so there’s only 559 people!” -Sandy

So the plan was to go to Longhorns. That’s what Tanya told me. But then she switched up on me and told me she felt like going to Carrabba’s cuz she’s never been there. (Me either of course) I was fine with either although I had my mind set on steak. I was just happy we were hanging out. She told me Tamika had went to Brazil with her Capoeira group. Apparently her instructor is getting a very high honor and they’re going to cheer him on? The only reason I know what Capoeira is, is because we had a demonstration of it when I was in school. But wow! A trip to Brazil for ur teacher’s award ceremony?? That’s fancy. Lol.

Anyways, so it was just Tanya home with Sasha. Sasha looked super sad cuz Tamika wasn’t home. She stayed in her cage when I got there, and didn’t wanna come out. Poor girl. That’s probably how all pets feel when their owners are away. So anyways, after chatting a bit me and Tanya headed out.

When we got to Carrabba’s it wasn’t that full? Maybe half the place was empty but then again we went at some funky time. It was like 4pm or so. But not long after we got seated, folks started pouring in and by the time we left, folks were lined up outside!! WTF!! It honestly was not all that so I don’t even know folks were lined up outside the door. >_>

I think I got the Shrimp and Scallop Linguine alla Vodka or something like that. It was a red sauce, which I hadn’t paid attention to before or I wouldn’t have ordered it. I’m not much of a red sauce person, but honestly it was pretty good for what it was. Prices were rather expensive, but I thought it was just like Olive Garden quality?? Yeah. Portions were also small, so I thought it was just ok. Our server wasn’t that pleasant, but I still gave her 30% tip since Tanya treated me.

We got caught up on a lot of stuff. I told her how I was feelin’ some kind of way about my relationship with Kenny but super happy that me and reason A have been drama free for 4 months. I guess u win some u lose some. She told me about her work drama and her relationships. Hooray for catching up!


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