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She Will Get Fixed, Because She’s My Baby

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Quote Of The Day: “If I were u I’d just pocket the money.” -reason A

So I received the insurance check from that lady’s insurance today. That means I need to pick a day to take Little Red to Maaco to get her ass fixed. This is just all such a hassle. I thought about it long and hard because reason A recommended that I don’t get her fixed and just pocket the money. She said its not like Little Red has much life in her and that its just a waste of money if I fix her. I admit that she’s on her last leg. But she’s also my baby. And as anal as I am I can’t stand staring at that piece of chipped paint every damn day! It drives me crazy! True she has other scratches and dents, but she didn’t have THIS particular piece of damage and since I’m not having to fix her out of pocket, then why wouldn’t I fix her? I don’t know how much longer she’s gonna last me but I should take good care of her as long as I have her right?

She actually doesn’t look that bad at all. She’s missing two hubcaps again so after I get her bumper fixed, I plan on going to get another set of hubcaps so she’s not lookin’ all ghetto. I really hope my sneaky little plan is going to work and I’ll be able to get her fixed at Maaco for the $225, so I can just pocket the rest. That would be pretty awesome.

Happy Birthday reason A! + Plain Day

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Quote Of The Day: “Your grandma never celebrated my birthday, so its a habit that I don’t celebrate birthdays either.” -reason A

Happy Birthday reason A!! Although today was her actual birthday, we didn’t do anything special today. I guess me taking her out to Nori Nori yesterday counted as our celebration. Today we just slept in, and then did our usually Sunday routine which was house chores. Sometimes I feel like its nice to be able to just stay at home and do nothing. It seems few and far between these days that I get some time like that to just lay around and do nothing. Every weekend it seems like I have something going on. Sure I wanna hang out with friends and be social or go shopping but sometimes I just wanna stay at home, hang out with my cats and be a bum! Lol.

Today went pretty smoothly. Although me and reason A haven’t had “real drama” ever since we got the cats, I have had drama with her my whole life, so I can’t help but feel anxious when holidays or special occasions roll around because that’s when its usually the worse. I’m on edge the whole day until its time to go to bed, and I can finally let out a sigh of relief cuz I know the day is over and I can go back to normal the next day. With that said, this whole birthday weekend was very successful, so yay! Lol.

Nori Nori W/ reason A

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Quote Of The Day: “We need to go back for New Yrs!” -reason A

Today I took reason A to Nori Nori!! Sorry no pics folks. reason A hates when I take pics of food before eating. She thinks its rude. Since her birthday is tomorrow I thought I’d take her out today. At first when I told her that we have to “hurry and fight folks for food” she got annoyed. This was before we went. I knew it got packed with folks and I was reading reviews on Yelp and many people had said that the food wasn’t being cooked and brought out fast enough so they made their rounds many times but was still left with empty plates. Since we’re going in right when they open I knew all the food would be there and it would be fresh and untouched. I told her we had to grab as much as we could and then just take our time eating! She was like “gosh, is it that serious?? I don’t know about having to fight people for food.” Lol.

When we got to the parking lot it was about 5pm. Half the parking lot was full! What the heck!! She was amazed that a restaurant would have a line half hour before they opened. Finally we all went in but were waiting in the lobby and lobby was full! I guess a lot of people were thinking like us and decided to get there super early for dinner service.

Our server was really nice. We kinda knew what was going on but I think reason A got overwhelmed by all the food and people and we didn’t have a good strategy. We did grab two full plates of crab legs, then sashimi, then random cold dishes. All I know is we ate a shit ton of scallops. Lol. I lost track. We did get to try out the hibachi and the crepe station and both were decent. I didn’t really see that much of a shortage of food. reason A mostly stayed at the table to eat and I went and made the rounds. She came out with me a couple of times. I couldn’t send her out on her own, I know she’d never find her way back. Lol.

Overall, she LOVED the place. Said it was totally worth it and then she said we should come back again at the end of the yr. Lol!!! We were really stuffed. Next time we have to pace ourselves better. #foodcoma

My Marriage Come To Jesus Moment Pt 2

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Quote Of The Day: “I might always voice it but I always think it.” -Juse

Kenny told me more in detail about his frustrations at work. I surprisingly did feel some empathy for him today where as the usual me would have told him to grow a pair and keep it moving. He’s basically in the same type of situation as me. A co-worker has left, so he’s basically taken over that position as well as do his own, without any type of compensation for the extra workload. Welcome to my life!

The reason I didn’t empathize with him before is because I do this shit day in and day out and I’ve been doing it for yrs! I also in addition to doing that (I’m doing 3 positions now, he’s doing 2) have a 70 mile commute everyday. And I’m a girl! So I figured if I can handle my shit and not complain on a daily basis then why the hell do I have to listen to you complain? It felt like I was more of a man than he was and I just was not wanting to hear it. But reality is I need to empathize. As his wife, I need to be there for him emotionally. I’m glad he told me more in detail of the problems at work. Since his manager quit, he has been kinda taking over that position as a pseudo-manager until they make a decision as to who is going to replace him. Problem is, no one knows if they plan to promote from within, go ahead and promote Kenny or hire someone from outside for the “manager” position. He also doesn’t know how long he’ll be having to handle this manager workload. His superiors haven’t said anything about promoting him or compensating him for doing this position. So he’s literally just like me. Added workload, no promotion and no extra pay. He’s stuck between a rock and a hard place. And just because I’m in that type of situation doesn’t mean I want others to be in that situation too.

I could tell he was stressed and he hasn’t been sleeping well if he sleeps at all. That can’t be healthy. So I finally told him to go to bed early, and rest his eyes even if he doesn’t sleep. Any kind of rest is better than none. So after he went to bed I decided it was time for a little encouragement so I designed him a card. I haven’t designed him anything in a long time. I think the last time was his birthday, which was about 6 months ago. It was just a very sweet letter telling him that I support him, will be here for him if he needs to vent and some words of encouragement and that I might not say it all the time but I am always supportive of him and rooting for him. Sometimes people know you’re there for them but they also just need to hear u say it u know? I emailed it to him so it would be the first thing he sees on his phone when he wakes up in the morning. Hopefully that will get his spirits up a little. =) #goodwifeyattempt Lol.

My Marriage “Come To Jesus” Moment

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Quote Of The Day: “I think this is my coming to Jesus moment.” -Juse

So this actually happened in two parts. I had the slightest feeling of it the day before yesterday but today was the actual ‚ÄĚcome to Jesus” moment for me in regards to my marriage. For the past I don’t know how many months I have had nothing but negative feelings about my marriage. To be completely honest and forthcoming, I had many thoughts of regret. I felt genuinely unhappy and totally regretted ever getting myself in this situation. I found myself jumping at any opportunity to vent and complain about Kenny and my marriage to Lili. I hated that! But I felt like I had so much balled up frustration that I needed an outlet! Poor Lili has been having to hear me complain about Kenny day in and day out. At first I was so positive about this relationship. There were so many that doubted me, doubted him, doubted us and I was determined to make it work, I was determined to prove all of them wrong. But somewhere in this long journey, you lose your focus. You start to as Min use to call it “major in the minor things”. You start to nitpick and he is the type of person that doesn’t communicate well via words or writing and I’m the type that can’t get my words out verbally when I’m emotional, so it became a big disaster.

I really had to stop and ask myself, what about this man drew u to him? What made u say yes to marry him, what do you love about him?? I know I didn’t just pull him from a bag and was like you’re the one!! I needed to remember that things that I loved about him. The things that set him apart, that made me happy at one point. Its there!! I know its there I just have to remember it. In the past 2 yrs it has gotten buried in the rubble of long distance, miscommunication, lack of empathy and emotional toll from the both of us. I thought about the good memories we had together and instead of focusing on how I feel like he doesn’t care about me, I tried to think about all the sweet and very subtle things he’s done for me. I have to admit, it did put a smile on my face. As I was driving and thinking, I suddenly felt like I missed him. For a split second, I thought I found what I was looking for. It put me at ease, and gave me a little hope for the future. For that split second it did bury all my worries. I think that was my coming to Jesus moment.

Goodbye Sasha

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Quote Of The Day: “That is true but I miss my baby. My house all quiet and shit now.” -Tanya

So I spoke with Tanya this week and she told me that her dog Sasha passed away. I was super sad because I’ve known Sasha ever since I’ve known Tanya. I think we’re going on 10 yrs now. Tanya and Tamika use to have two dogs, Sasha and Crystal. They had to put Crystal down last yr or was it the yr before last. She was really old and deaf and couldn’t see good so eventually they had to put her down. Sasha hadn’t been eating for a week and was pooping blood and they took her to the vet and found out she had a stomach tumor and she could have surgery but because of how old she was (10yr old large dog) it might not make any difference so in the end they decided to put her down. I was really really sad about it.

I’ve had pets here and there in my life, like turtles and hamsters and fish for the longest but now that I have cats I can feel Tanya’s pain. Cats and dogs really are like family and I even cried my eyes out when my fish of 3 yrs died, I can’t imagine life without my cats!! I know the typical cat can live almost 10+ yrs but one of Will’s cats just passed away and she was only 3yrs old!! U just never know! I get so scared and stressed out thinking about it. I know that day will come for them, hopefully not for a very long time, and I worry about it constantly. Having pets is fulfilling and rewarding but when they are sick or dying u feel so helpless and it cuts deep in your heart like any passing family member would. I’m not sure when that day comes if I’ll be able to handle it!! I am not good with this stuff!!

I hope Sasha is doing good in doggy heaven and now she can be with Crystal and play and enjoy herself. I don’t know if Tanya and Tamika are gonna get another dog but it probably won’t be for a while. She told me that the other day she went to the dining room and usually Sasha is lying there on the floor and she always has to walk over her, but when she passed by that spot the other day and didn’t see Sasha there she just lost it!! She busted out crying because how does someone get over that?? A companion for 10 yrs!! I feel so bad for Tanya. She said the house is super quiet now. R.I.P. Sasha, we will miss you.

Juse Book Club: YOU By Caroline Kepnes

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Quote Of The Day: “The problem with book is that they end.” -Joe (Caroline Kepnes -YOU)


I just finished my second audio book today. I am REALLY gonna miss having an Audible subscription. I think I have one more month to go on my trial. But even if I were to pay for a subscription, the 1 book a month thing wouldn’t cut it for me. I can finish 2 books in a month cuz of my long commute. I can probably finish like 6-10 chapters in one day in the car! Isn’t that crazy? So I don’t even know how I stumbled upon this book. I think it might have just popped up as a recommendation, and I decided to give it a try. I didn’t know too much about it before I listened but I was pleasantly surprised because this is right up my alley! Did someone say twisted sociopathic serial killer love story?? Uh, hell yeah!! I wish there were more books about this subject but I honestly don’t even know what to search! Does it fall under “thriller” or “mystery”? O_o

Without giving out too much in case anyone wants to read the book, basically it is a story about the typical book worm that no one would pay attention to who ends up falling in love with and essentially stalking like a mofo a girl who comes into the bookstore he works at. It was interesting because it is written as a narrative from the “psycho’s” point of view. I LOVED LOVED LOVED Santino Fontana’s reading. Also because he voices Frozen. WTF. The way he paces himself lets me feel the intensity of the psycho (Joe’s) feelings and thoughts. He’s freakin’ brilliant in portraying Joe’s character, his mental dialog, and his cool and calmness mixed with his obsessive behaviors. If you love a twisted love story, or if you love serial killers and everything about them like me, then you’ll love this book. I can’t wait to read the next book by debut author Caroline Kepnes.

Little Red’s Ass Update No. I Don’t Remember

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Quote Of The Day: “She’s old! Why are you wasting your money!” -reason A

Adjuster finally came out today and gave me an estimate that is double what Maaco said they would charge me. reason A got excited and told me that I shouldn’t fix it at all. Its not like Little Red can last much longer. True, she’s old. But doesn’t mean I should neglect her. I mean Lili is gonna repaint Grandma and she’s old too!! Lol. Little Red has about 140K miles on her. For a Chevy, that’s pretty damn good! When I went to Chevy for my recall the people at the dealership even told me that 07 Cobalts only last about 100K!! So Little Red is already a trooper! Please hang in there baby!

So I do plan on fixing her. I just have to keep my fingers crossed and hope that it will end up only costing me the $225 that they quoted me for. That means I didn’t walk away from this incident with nothing, not that I’m trying to make money on it. I just think I should get something for my inconvenience.

Work kinda kicked my butt today. Bossman is back which means work life is hectic, and I did attempt to do some work since its starting to pile up and a messy desk gives me anxiety. I think I got some shit done. Not as much as I’d like to but at least I’m finally all caught up on backtrack blog posts. Woohoo!!

Chores Day

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Quote Of The Day: “I swear if this damn cat hangs on the curtain one more time.” -reason A

I’m actually ok with Sunday being chore day. Just like how we’ve already established that Sat. is my Errand Day. Sunday has officially become Chore Day. Lol. Its the day I get to do laundry, vacuum, and other random things that need to be done around the house. I hope nothing exciting is happening in the ad this week, cuz I didn’t even go get a Sunday paper. I was too lazy.

We only had three goals today really. One, hang up the curtain. It was just fine until Donut decided to play “swing” on it and almost tore down the whole damn curtain rod so we have to screw it into the wall again before the whole thing comes falling down and turns one of our cats into cat pancake. I hate hanging curtains. I’m scare of heights and I’m short but I can’t have reason A up there cuz she’s old so I have no choice! Glad we got that done!

Next thing was scrub down the litter box. That’s reason A’s job and its a weekly thing. After that I vacuumed and we were done for the day! Lol. I hate vacuuming even with the fancy shmancy vacuum. But I am fascinated to see just how much hair actually gets sucked up and then as I’m dumping it I’m like EWWW!! Lol.

Dinner was the the remainder of hot pot. And it was just as glorious as it was yesterday. Lol. Yum yum!!

LaMeiZi W/ Lili + Shopping Shenanigans + Hot Pot

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Quote Of The Day: “Its not just all a big blur, but I can’t see anything.” -Lili

I got up early so I could head to Maaco and get an estimate on Little Red. Obviously I was not awake this morning because I had thought I knew where it was located and I drove all the way down the opposite of Buford Hwy and that’s when I realized that I went to Amaco instead of Maaco! Auhhh!! So I had to drive my ass all the way back down Buford Hwy where it was closer to my house. Ugh!! They close at 12 on Sat. so I was glad I made it there in time. They told me it would be about $225. I forgot to ask if that was all inclusive. I guess that wouldn’t include tax. So now I’m just hoping that they cut me a check for more than that.

LaMeiZi with Lili was great! I ended up really liking the place. I’m glad we got there when we did cuz then later it got super packed and folks were waiting in line for tables. It was a very small buffet but the food was pretty good and we ate a lot. I think that was the most I’ve ever seen Lili eat. I guess baby was hungry. Lol. There was no bump for me to feel though! She wasn’t even bloated. Lol!!

After we stuffed our faces, we headed to Perimeter Mall. We didn’t walk around for too long but we hit some target stores and I came out with a very comfy pair of flats. I told Lili about it and she was like oh good, now u have a spare pair. I told her I didn’t have any at all. My others all have holes in them so I finally had to toss them out. She asked me what I’ve been wearing to work then and I said flip flops!! What job lets u get away with that?? #aghettojoblikemine Lili also got me a huge box of cat food!! My cats thank u! I am constantly telling her the struggle I have with keeping enough food around to feed the cats. 3 cats will definitely keep u busy and keep ur wallet empty! Lol.

I forgot what time I got home but I was exhausted!! reason A and I started getting the hot pot stuff ready and its a pain. Our dining table is so tiny, its hard to fit that many dishes on there. And when u have hot pot, there’s like 20 dishes cuz everything is in its own dish before it goes in the pot! The pot we have also has a very short cord, so we have to move the dining table up against a wall where there is an outlet because they don’t recommend u using an extension cord. But once u start digging in, its just all so worth it! It was soooo good!!

We had worried the cats might jump up on the table like they usually do and burn the shit out of themselves, but they were on their best behavior and we moved some boxes close to the dining table so the could lounge and stare at us eat. Lol. Eventually they got tired and just all fell asleep so we got to eat in peace. Auh~! So yummy!