Leaving Later Means Getting There Faster

MOOD: onigiri- happy hands (Move it, Move it)
Quote Of The Day: “That’s like 6 pee’s worth!” -Juse

Since Bill is not here to open up the office doors for everyone, I had to sacrifice my morning Publix worming time to come straight into work. When I worm at Publix in the mornings before work, I always end up like 10 minutes late or something. But I can’t have everyone at work waiting for me, that’s jacked up. But good news is there hasn’t been some crazy deal at Publix this past week that I felt like I missed out on.

When Bossman isn’t here I usually just watch a whole day of TV. Lol. Life is good when none of them are here. After work, I went to Wendy’s to get my free Jr. Frosty. That took me longer than I anticipated, and I ended up not getting on the highway til about 5:18?? Odd thing about traffic in my area is, the later I leave, the earlier I get home. Its so stupid. I think when I leave 5pm on the dot, I hit the worst traffic. So even when I leave 20 minutes later, I still get home at the same time! How stupid is that! I should just leave work late everyday and not have to fight traffic!

I was going to stop by Target to do my Coke deal but I was so tired. I went to Sweet Hut to pick up some pastries to last me through the week, and then the Farmer’s Market and that was it. Dinner was a continuation of the rotisserie chicken for both us and the cats. They murdered the chicken. Lol!!


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