No Turn Signal Por U! + TGIF

MOOD: onigiri- so freckin' happy (Thrilled)
Quote Of The Day: “Cuz I get happy cuz its Friday?? Then I get sad cuz its bean day. Lol.” -Juse

OMFG TGIF. Not that it was that bad of a week, but I’m still happy its Friday! But then Lili asked me about the dreaded bean soup and it occurred to me that I eat it on Fridays so that means today is bean day! Nooooo!! I have to get my ass up early tomorrow morning for an oil change too. Little Red has a new problem right now which is the turn signal doesn’t stay down. U know that lever u push up and down for ur turn signals?? Well the down doesn’t stay down. I have to physically hold it down. That’s for the left turn. Arg!! I researched online and it said that its an easy part to replace? But the hard part is u have to take your whole steering wheel off and be careful not to inflate ur airbag. Uh…. That does not sound like something I wanna mess with. I’m just gonna live with it like that. *FAILS*

I don’t think I have anything exciting planned after that? Probably run some errands. Hopefully they won’t take all day like last week. OMG. Its too damn hot for that. Lol.


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