Juse Gets A Freebie!

MOOD: onigiri- happy hands (Happy Dance)
Quote Of The Day: “Well I hope you don’t need me there because I’m not coming.” -Bosslady

OMFG!! Today I got another freebie! Bossman showed up around 10am or so, and made his rounds. I thought it was going to another long and painful day since its just me and him in the office. I usually just scatter paperwork on my desk and pretend I’m focused on work. Lol.

Well he soon came up to me and told me he had to make an emergency trip to MS like right away! He won’t be back til tonight or tomorrow morning. I was like HELL YEAH!! I was excited cuz Bosslady had already texted me and told me she wouldn’t be able to make it in today cuz she’s having car trouble. Why are you driving a $80K BMW and have car trouble?? Lol.

I spent the whole day watching Law & Order and The Godfather Pt 1. I’m listening to the audiobook when I drive home and then I decided to download the trilogy so I can watch the movie too. Sure its old. But its a classic and I hate that I never saw it! So I’m doing double duty now and listening to the audiobook and watching the movie simultaneously! But I don’t watch ahead. I stop where I left off in the book so it makes more sense cuz the book of course is so much more detailed. And I’m loving it! At dinner time, I tell reason A the storyline. Then today I told Kenny the storyline too and he’s like don’t tell me too much, I still wanna watch the movie!! Lol.


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