Throat Hurts, But Why U No Have Common Sense??

MOOD: onigiri- upset (Frustration)
Quote Of The Day: “My throat hurts!” -Juse

So last night we had Korean cold noodles for dinner. It was awesome. But I think we put too much spicy oil in it or salt or something but anyways, the soup made my throat swell up just a little bit this morning. I was coughing and it hurt to swallow. So when Kenny called, I told him my throat hurts. I was coughing throughout the phone call.

Maybe my expectations are just too high or he’s really that clueless, but common sense would tell u that when a person’s throat hurts, the last thing they need to do is be talkin’ and straining it more. As a good caring husband I expect u to say, “Well lets not talk on the phone anymore so u can rest ur throat” or something to that respect. But no!! The man kept talkin’ and kept expecting me to respond and when my voice was horse he said, “speak up” cuz he can’t hear me! Really?? U insensitive son of a b!tch…

Finally I just got fed up and told him my throat hurt too much to talk and he was like oh… ok, and we hung up! Like is ur brain filled with spider webs?? Where is your common sense??


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