Please Baby Sit My Feather Teaser!

MOOD: onigiri- sad (Gosh)
Quote Of The Day: “Do you think you can keep my feather teaser at the register until I go get it one day this week? -Juse

I forgot how annoyed I am with Bossman. Life is so much better when he’s not here. Lol. But I got excited cuz I heard he’s going to be gone to MS tomorrow! Oh thank you Baby Jesus!! Lol. I should make a trip to PetSmart today but I don’t think that’s going to happen. I am so tired today. Mainly because I went there the other day and bought a back up feather teaser for my cats. That is literally the toy they are most obsessed with right now. But cuz it was so long, I think the associate didn’t put it in a bag, but put it directly in the cart when I pushed it out. And I didn’t see it so I left it in the cart!! Noooo!!

I didn’t realize it until I was very far from the store and couldn’t turn back around. I thought to myself, damn it!! It wasn’t expensive. It was only $3.99, so I thought forget about it. It’ll just be $3.99 down the drain. Then I thought to myself, why? Why should I waste money like that? So I looked for my receipt and called the store. I explained the situation and they sure did find my feather teaser in the shopping cart. I told them my name and that I’d be by to pick it up one day this week. I should have gone back today, but I am so damn tired, and I have to take the back way in order to pass that PetSmart. Ugh!!


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