GA Aquarium W/ reason A!!

MOOD: onigiri- happy (Excited)
Quote Of The Day: “That dolphin show was worth everything!!” -reason A

Today is the day that I went to the Aquarium with reason A! Oh man we were rushed this morning. It started pouring down rain super early and I was afraid it was going to be a gloomy day. I knew we had to do some walking from the parking lot to the actual building and I’d hate to have to haul around an umbrella for that, but lucky us, the rain subsided by the time we left!

We thought we barely got there in time!! It was already 1pm and I wasn’t even in the parking deck yet! Traffic was so damn congested right at the parking deck. I guess there were way more people at the Aquarium today than we had anticipated. reason A thought there would be no one cuz a lot of people go out of town for 3 day weekends. Guess not! So its a little past 1 and we do some ass hauling to get to the entrance and the place is literally packed!! OMG. reason A started to freak out cuz she can’t deal with crowds since she rarely leaves the house. It was honestly not bad weather at all. It was hot, but so much cooler than it was a few days ago!! I was so thankful we didn’t have to stand outside in 95 degree weather!

The whole point of me buying tickets online was so we could avoid lines cuz I know reason A can’t deal with lines, but please tell me why we still had to stand in line for 30 minutes!! reason A was about to have a panic attack! Lol. First dolphin show we could go to was 2pm. We thought it would be perfect but by the time we got into the building it was maybe 1:30pm?? The line for the 2pm show as wrapped around the building!! We stood in line anyways, but they cut the line off halfway when someone came out to yell that auditorium was already at full capacity and everyone else would have to catch next show. Booo!!

So since next show wasn’t til 4pm, we thought we had plenty of time to go eat first since I had a $30 food voucher. Here’s the kicker. I wish I took a pick of it, but literally all we had was 2 plates of ghetto buffet food consisting of hard rice, decent shrimp, ok sweet & sour chicken and some undercooked green beans. It looked like a plate from any Chinese buffet. We also got a small side salad, a Coke and a bottled water. Go ahead. Ask me how much everything was….. My total was $65!!!! WTF!! I could have had sushi dinner with reason A for that price!! Lol. I almost had a heart attack. I couldn’t let reason A know it was that much! I told her to grab food and go find a seat, then when she walked away, I paid. OMG. Still having a heart attack about it. Lol. Such a fail cuz everything tasted bad. Note to self… NEVER EVER eat at the Aquarium. In matter of fact, don’t even buy water, water was $3.50 a bottle!

Right after lunch, reason A and I got in line for the 4pm show. It was only 3pm at the time!! Line was wrapped around again!!


I told reason A I didn’t care. We were gonna see the damn dolphins no matter what!! Lol. So we played our chances and decided to get in line anyways hoping that we’d make the cut off point, and we did!! We got let into this huge hallway where we stood for another 40 minutes literally shoulder to shoulder. reason A and I are really short. So for us it was more like shoulder to back of huge dude in front of us. We were basically the same height as the 12 yr old girl next to us. Lol!! It was stuffy, it was hot and suffocating. I know anyone who is claustrophobic couldn’t deal with that. Time seemed to pass SOOO slow! But we finally got in and grabbed great seats!! I think they were maybe row 12?? Announcement said row 1-10 were “super soaker” seats. That means u are bound to get wet from all the dolphin splashing so sit at ur own risk.


Too bad they didn’t allow pics or filming once show started. I think they didn’t wanna distract the dolphins. But the show was awesome!! reason A LOVED it. This is her first time seeing real dolphins I think. Lol. She was amazed and honestly I was too. I didn’t know they could jump so high. The singing was kind cheesy but it was fun. The show lasted a good 40 minutes and was totally worth the long wait. reason A said this alone made her day!! Aww. She was clapping louder than the kid next to us. I was so happy to see her happy. XD

After the show we started to go through all the galleries and look at the fish. I didn’t take any pics really cuz I took a lot last time I came with Min. Plus my camera phone wasn’t so great at catching motion. I just snapped two pics:


Albino Croc!! We got to see him super up close. Like right at the glass. reason A was like @__@ Lol.


The infamous Parana!! Aka, the man eating fish, aka tell your man’s wiener to be scared while swimming fish. Lol!!

We left the Aquarium around 6pm or something like that?? We had a great time, and were totally exhausted. I’m so glad that reason A liked it and I vowed to take her more places this summer. It was great!


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