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Happy x 4!

MOOD: onigiri- hooray (Celebrating)
Quote Of The Day: “Bungee jumping and sky diving are not things I wanna do EVER.” -Tanya

Today I had my ass handed to me at work!! OMFG!! Man it was busy! And all of it was Bill’s work! That brings me to my first happy! Bill is back on Monday! Thank u Lawd! Please take ur job back! I can’t deal with this shit anymore! Whew! On days that I don’t do anything other than watching TV, is only my form of denial. Its not that I don’t have work to do, I just choose to ignore it cuz I don’t feel like doing it. >_>

My second happy is TGIF!! I get to go back to my usual triple job instead of quadruple job on Monday. Lol. Happy happy Friday~! Woohoo!

My third happy is today was payday! Nothing makes me happier than having payday land on a Friday. Lol. Since I’m salary, I go by dates, not days so it could be any day of the week. But u know folks are happy weekend is coming and if u happened to get paid too then it makes u extra happy. Lol.

My forth happy is that I’m hanging out with Tanya tomorrow! Its pathetic how long we haven’t seen each other. Has it been more than a year? Sure feels like it, and the woman lives less than 10 minutes away from me. *EPIC FAILS* I haven’t seen her since before her accident and I need to catch her up on the peace between me and reason A, the cats, Kenny, etc. A ton of stuff!! Weekend here I come!!

In The Home Stretch!

MOOD: onigiri- dizzy (Busy)
Quote Of The Day: “I just had some spam on a cracker with some salad dressing.” -Kenny

So first week Bill was gone, I felt alright. I didn’t even bother telling reason A that he was gone again. I knew she would be pissed that I have to pull like quadruple duty again and I just didn’t want the drama. When she gets upset, it upsets me for no reason and I’m already stressed enough as it is about work. So I just pretend like its regular, suck it up and do what I gotta do.

But this second week is rough!! I actually had to handle a lot of projects that he started that were wrapping up. It is SO hard to come into the middle of a project and pick it right up. U just have to go back and read up on so much info to know what the hell is going on!

But even if work kicked my butt today, I only have one more day til Bill comes back! Whew!! Its gonna be a long day tomorrow too, but I’ve survived another 2 weeks!

Leaving Later Means Getting There Faster

MOOD: onigiri- happy hands (Move it, Move it)
Quote Of The Day: “That’s like 6 pee’s worth!” -Juse

Since Bill is not here to open up the office doors for everyone, I had to sacrifice my morning Publix worming time to come straight into work. When I worm at Publix in the mornings before work, I always end up like 10 minutes late or something. But I can’t have everyone at work waiting for me, that’s jacked up. But good news is there hasn’t been some crazy deal at Publix this past week that I felt like I missed out on.

When Bossman isn’t here I usually just watch a whole day of TV. Lol. Life is good when none of them are here. After work, I went to Wendy’s to get my free Jr. Frosty. That took me longer than I anticipated, and I ended up not getting on the highway til about 5:18?? Odd thing about traffic in my area is, the later I leave, the earlier I get home. Its so stupid. I think when I leave 5pm on the dot, I hit the worst traffic. So even when I leave 20 minutes later, I still get home at the same time! How stupid is that! I should just leave work late everyday and not have to fight traffic!

I was going to stop by Target to do my Coke deal but I was so tired. I went to Sweet Hut to pick up some pastries to last me through the week, and then the Farmer’s Market and that was it. Dinner was a continuation of the rotisserie chicken for both us and the cats. They murdered the chicken. Lol!!

Random Thought Tuesday…

MOOD: onigiri- staring (Staring)
Quote Of The Day: “She totally knows what’s going on.” -reason A

Hot weather is making me irritable #imisswinter

I kind of crave Chinese sausage #feedme

I need a bigger coffee station at home, things are overflowing #hoarder

I have a love hate relationship with Bill #ilovetohatehim

I almost adopted another cat because they’re running at $9 special #justonemore

Mental Breakdown @ The Red Light + I Passed By Two Dead Bodies

MOOD: onigiri- scared (Shocked)
Quote Of The Day: “I passed by two dead bodies!!” -Juse

Had to make a Costco trip after work. They close pretty early, and ya’ll know I’m far as shit from home. reason A wanted me to pick up some water, almonds and rotisserie chicken for dinner. Other stuff I’m not so much worried about but the chicken I was worried about! They don’t make fresh ones after like 6:30, 7pm?? But I know I won’t get there til 7pm! I don’t know if I was PMSing or what, but just the fact that I had to beat the clock to go get chicken stressed me the hell out!! Traffic was really backed up on 285, and it was even worse on Buford Hwy. I kept watching the clock tick thinking I’m not going to make it in time to grab a fresh chicken. That sounds so damn petty now that I’m writing about it but at the time, I was stressed. I think traffic does that to me. Traffic makes my blood pressure go up. I feel stressed. I decided to detour and then I got stuck in traffic at the detour!! I couldn’t take it anymore and at the red light I just let out the loudest scream I could! Literally just having an episode at the red light!! I was screaming at the cars, screaming at the lights! I was mad at everything and everybody! I felt like crying. Why was there so much damn traffic today?? The one day I need to go to Costco! Auhhhhhhh!!!!! I can’t believe I basically had a breakdown over some damn chicken. -__-;;

When I took my detour it was down a small road in a subdivision pretty close to my house. I’d say about 3 streets over. When I finally passed all the congestion I saw a house to my left that had a bunch of police cars there. The whole house plus the yard had the yellow caution tape. I saw forensics there too with ice coolers?? I just thought maybe there was another drug bust. They’re forever doing drug busts in my area.

Well the news came on right before I went to bed and come to find out they found 2 dead bodies in that house!! OMFG!! Are you telling me there were dead bodies in those coolers?? I passed by 2 dead bodies! *DIES* The landlord of the house hired some dude to come mow the lawn and apparently dude could smell the foul odor from outside the house and he stopped a police officer that happened to be patrolling the area. According to the neighbors, they haven’t seen anyone coming or going from that house for 4-6 weeks now and their car hasn’t moved at all from the drive way. So they’ve been dead for almost a month! *FAINTS* I can only imagine what it smelled like considering this sweltering heat we having going on right now. *GULPS*

The Love Of My Life… Muffin

MOOD: onigiri- kawaii (Fondness)
Quote Of The Day: “Why do we have a cat dog?” -reason A

I’ve always had a soft spot for Muffin. I can shamelessly say she is my favorite. She has been though so much and in some ways I feel sorry for her like I feel sorry for myself. She had to grow up fast and learn to be a Momma Cat when she was just a little kid. That must have been rough on her. It makes me more tolerant of her deviant behavior. I know her life experiences, getting pregnant at such a young age and changing 3 owners before she turned 1 yr old all had an affect on her.

Honestly she’s a very good cat. True she gets into a lot of trouble and she’s mischievous, but she’s young! She’s energetic, and she wants to explore! reason A doesn’t have as much tolerance for her. She tells me on a daily basis how she regrets adopting her and we should have just gotten the two kittens. It makes me so sad. She deserves to have a good family too! She didn’t ask to have kittens at such a young age or have an owner that was a hoarder!

We’ve had her for about 4 months now and she has mad tremendous changes! No crazy meowing at night, she lets us pet her and she sits in our lap and cuddles with us, lets us pick her up, and she roams the house with confidence. Her body weight is healthy and she’s growing crazy thick fur cuz of the good balanced meals!

Most importantly she’s super smart! The girl can literally pick any lock u have. Lol. We have to add reinforcement on all our doors because she has literally picked the locks on all our doors! Today reason A told me Muffin actually moved two 5lb barbells and opened a door!! WHAT?! That’s 10lbs she moved! That’s more than she weights! If its a door, she will figure out how to open it.

Then today we had another crazy discovery!! Muffin knows how to play fetch! Lol. A cat playing fetch! So today as I was sorting though my newspapers on the floor, Muffin came over playing with her shoe lace. She was getting all up in my way so I grabbed the shoe lace and tossed it aside. She brought it back to me. I didn’t even notice, and I was like OMG! Go away! So I threw it again, and again she brought it back to me. I kept doing this and then I finally realized. Hey, wait a minute!! We’re playing fetch! Lol!! So I called reason A over to see and she couldn’t believe her eyes! She was like “Why do we have a cat dog?” Lol. She’s so damn smart!! And she always responds to me when I call her name or tell her not to do something. My baby, I heart u to pieces!!

Rise & Shine Oil Change + Errands Galore

MOOD: onigiri- dizzy (Heat Stroke)
Quote Of The Day: “The cats should be sleeping, but instead they’re waiting up for you.” -reason A

My Saturdays are always super busy. Mainly its because I try to run all my errands in one day so I can have Sunday to stay at home, and ‘rest”. I had to get up early today to get an oil change. The place opens at 9am. Even if I’m like 10 minutes late, there seems to be a line at this place!! What the heck. So I made sure I was first in line today, which I was and was finished in 15 minutes! Loved it.

After I got the oil change, it was still early so I got some breakfast and bought it home so me and reason A could have breakfast, and maybe take a nap? Then I figured I should go ahead and get my day started, cuz its cooler in the morning. That way I should be done by time it gets hot and I can just come home to my beloved AC. Lol. For some odd reason, errands take FOREVER. I don’t know if its cuz I move slower in the heat or what. -__-;;

I had some rewards to spend at Khols, but I couldn’t find anything to buy. I got a shirt, some intimates, and that was it. I felt like I wasted a lot of time there cuz I kept walkin’ around “looking” for stuff to buy. *FAILS* After Khols I went to Bed Bath & Beyond. I just needed an ice tray that made those skinny ice cubes to go inside of water bottles. Afterwards, I headed to Wally World to pick up the Sunday paper. It was an obese one this week. There’s 5 inserts. My ass is going to be cutting coupons for a hot minute. No bueno. Afterwards, I passed by RaceTrac where the gas was only $2.40! Had to fill up, and since H-Mart was right next door, I stopped by to see if I could find some of those huge shrimp! Which I did. Then my last stop was MegaMart to pick up some groceries.

I made it home about 4pm?? That’s late considering how early I left the house! I was SOOO exhausted. Saturdays just wear me the hell out. Ugh.

No Turn Signal Por U! + TGIF

MOOD: onigiri- so freckin' happy (Thrilled)
Quote Of The Day: “Cuz I get happy cuz its Friday?? Then I get sad cuz its bean day. Lol.” -Juse

OMFG TGIF. Not that it was that bad of a week, but I’m still happy its Friday! But then Lili asked me about the dreaded bean soup and it occurred to me that I eat it on Fridays so that means today is bean day! Nooooo!! I have to get my ass up early tomorrow morning for an oil change too. Little Red has a new problem right now which is the turn signal doesn’t stay down. U know that lever u push up and down for ur turn signals?? Well the down doesn’t stay down. I have to physically hold it down. That’s for the left turn. Arg!! I researched online and it said that its an easy part to replace? But the hard part is u have to take your whole steering wheel off and be careful not to inflate ur airbag. Uh…. That does not sound like something I wanna mess with. I’m just gonna live with it like that. *FAILS*

I don’t think I have anything exciting planned after that? Probably run some errands. Hopefully they won’t take all day like last week. OMG. Its too damn hot for that. Lol.

Juse Gets A Freebie!

MOOD: onigiri- happy hands (Happy Dance)
Quote Of The Day: “Well I hope you don’t need me there because I’m not coming.” -Bosslady

OMFG!! Today I got another freebie! Bossman showed up around 10am or so, and made his rounds. I thought it was going to another long and painful day since its just me and him in the office. I usually just scatter paperwork on my desk and pretend I’m focused on work. Lol.

Well he soon came up to me and told me he had to make an emergency trip to MS like right away! He won’t be back til tonight or tomorrow morning. I was like HELL YEAH!! I was excited cuz Bosslady had already texted me and told me she wouldn’t be able to make it in today cuz she’s having car trouble. Why are you driving a $80K BMW and have car trouble?? Lol.

I spent the whole day watching Law & Order and The Godfather Pt 1. I’m listening to the audiobook when I drive home and then I decided to download the trilogy so I can watch the movie too. Sure its old. But its a classic and I hate that I never saw it! So I’m doing double duty now and listening to the audiobook and watching the movie simultaneously! But I don’t watch ahead. I stop where I left off in the book so it makes more sense cuz the book of course is so much more detailed. And I’m loving it! At dinner time, I tell reason A the storyline. Then today I told Kenny the storyline too and he’s like don’t tell me too much, I still wanna watch the movie!! Lol.

Throat Hurts, But Why U No Have Common Sense??

MOOD: onigiri- upset (Frustration)
Quote Of The Day: “My throat hurts!” -Juse

So last night we had Korean cold noodles for dinner. It was awesome. But I think we put too much spicy oil in it or salt or something but anyways, the soup made my throat swell up just a little bit this morning. I was coughing and it hurt to swallow. So when Kenny called, I told him my throat hurts. I was coughing throughout the phone call.

Maybe my expectations are just too high or he’s really that clueless, but common sense would tell u that when a person’s throat hurts, the last thing they need to do is be talkin’ and straining it more. As a good caring husband I expect u to say, “Well lets not talk on the phone anymore so u can rest ur throat” or something to that respect. But no!! The man kept talkin’ and kept expecting me to respond and when my voice was horse he said, “speak up” cuz he can’t hear me! Really?? U insensitive son of a b!tch…

Finally I just got fed up and told him my throat hurt too much to talk and he was like oh… ok, and we hung up! Like is ur brain filled with spider webs?? Where is your common sense??