Rustic Couch W/ The Homies!

MOOD: onigiri- happy (Excited)
Quote Of The Day: “I like balls! Give me all the balls!” -Juse

Oh man!! We’ve been waiting for this day for a while now! Welcome back home Runa!! We’re super happy that after all these yrs of workin’ out of state she has finally got a job offer in GA and has officially moved back. I know she’s happy to be back as well. Although she made many good friends in NC, this is home for her! Her BFF is here, all her other friends are here, family is here, etc.

So in celebration as well as the fact that my Ah Ma is in town, we decided to hang out! Ranjiba had an appt with her lawyer around noon so we had to get up early for this meet up. Last time me and Runa really liked Rustic Couch so we decided to go there again this time around since Ranjiba and Ah Ma have never been.

We got there so damn early that the kitchen wasn’t even prepared yet. Ahaha. We went ahead and ordered anyways, and told them to just bring the food whenever its done. I had a $25 gift certificate from All we had to do was hit the min. purchase of $50, which was not a problem considering we had 4 people. It was a decent deal! We got $50 worth of food for $30 after tax. Here’s everything we got:


Shrimp Tacos! We got 3 cuz Ah Ma didn’t want one. They were goood~!


Loaded tots on the left, spicy nuggets on the right. Win and win.


More loaded tots, spicy nuggets and fried calamari. I have to admit, the calamari was really good.

We also got 4 drinks. So I think we did good!! We talked about a lot of things, marriage, relationships, we complained about our husbands, jobs, etc. I loved it!! We had tons of laughs and caught up on old times. This was the first time Ranjiba’s seen Ah Ma since high school graduation! OMG! At least me and Runa got to see her last time she was in town. We’re definitely gonna hang out at least one more time before Ah Ma has to goes back to AZ. (*Flicks tear)

I’m still trying to get use to Runa being back permanently. I don’t know why but its a little odd?? I’m still mentally thinking she’s gonna leave once school starts, but she’s not. She’s going to be in Smyrna. Lol. And of course like the fails that we are, we forgot to take pics of ourselves!! WTF!! *EPIC FAIL*


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