Juse’s Mid-Year Evaluations 2015

MOOD: onigiri- happy (Excited)
Quote Of The Day: “I think I need to work overtime, the kind that’s  free.” -Kenny

Alright, we’re slightly late for this but at least we’re still in the month of June so we’re fine. Its that time of the yr again folks!! Mid-year evaluations! Yup. Its time to take a look at the resolutions I set for myself at the beginning of the year and see how I’m doing on them. Its important for me to do this every year that I do set resolutions because at the mid-year point, I’d like to know if I am on a good pace, or need to up my game. Lets begin.


Start Steady Savings (This one I give myself a PASS! Although I don’t have much saved, I do have some, and I have maintained it so far. Granted it hasn’t “grown” as I’d like to have, but its a big step for me, and I’m pretty proud of myself. I’ll also add onto this by saying, I haven’t used any credit cards this month. Lol!! This is important because of my expenses, I’d always pay off my card, but then have to turn around and use that money again. Its like an ugly cycle. The longer I can hold out not using them and just pay, the faster I’ll pay them off, if I’m on track, I should be able to pay off 4 to 5 more before end of yr)

Purge (This one is a PASS!! I am so proud of reason A for finally waking up and purging. I’d also like to thank the cats for coming into our lives. As much energy and effort as it takes to take care of them I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world! In order to give them a better living environment, we literally cleaned til we passed out for over month, threw away a ton of stuff, and finally have a comfortable living environment instead of the hoarding situation we had before. Of course it does still get messy as u can imagine with 3 cats, but its just regular clean up. No hoarding!! Yays!)

Find A Job (This one is in the middle. Year is not over yet, so I still have 6 months to get a new job, depending on when Kenny’s paperwork can move on to the next phase, but for summary purposes it is a FAIL for now, I’m still at this hell hole!!)

Be More Mentally Sound (Earlier this year was still a little rough, but right now its great!! I again have to give all my thanks to the cats. They are such a blessing! Its been over 3 months and no drama with reason A at all!! We’ve put all our time, energy and everything else into the cats and they give us back so much joy and love that we don’t have time for drama or negative energy!! I don’t know if this is a cheat because the subject of Kenny hasn’t come up and I don’t know when it does if she will still explode like before but I am definitely gonna enjoy it for as long as I can!! This is a PASS!!)

Be More Social (This one is in the middle. Its not a fail because I have hung out a few times this yr with Lili, Adriana, Mike, June, Runa, Ranjiba, Chi, etc. But not as often as I would like. Maybe this will happen more often now that Runa is back. I’m also suppose to go catch a movie with Adriana soon and then it will be time to hang out with Lili again. I think I deserve a PASS!! Lol)

Oh man!! I have 4 out of 5 passes!! That’s pretty damn good! I’m proud of myself! Lol. I did better than I thought I was doing. That’s pretty positive. I told myself this would be a good year for me. I was trying to put it out there in the universe but I had a rocky first couple of months, but then after March, everything worked itself out and things are great now!! Thank you 2015 for working with me! Lol.


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