Lazy Sunday Bonding

MOOD: onigiri- kawaii (Loved)
Quote Of The Day: “They’re attached to you. They’re always lookin’ for the chubby girl.” -reason A

If Saturday is “Errand Running Day” then Sunday is definitely “Recovery Day”. The cats were so happy today. They love Sundays. They get to sleep in and don’t have to wake up so early with me and reason A and we stay home all day and hang out with them. I really do feel bad for the cats when I have to lock them in my bedroom all day when me and reason A are gone on Saturday. Sometimes we don’t come back home til really late and we don’t even have the lights on!! When we let them out, they all got the chinky eyes cuz they go from pitch black to sudden bright lights. Lol.

Muffin was being SUCH a good girl today. We hung out all day. Then afternoon time I took a nap, and reason A asked if I wanted to close the door so I could get some peace and quiet, but I said nah. I know the cats wanna hang out with me and see me. Well right when I got to bed Bagel and Muffin came over and started stepping all over me! Like making biscuits on my legs. I’m super ticklish so I was cracking up. But I was so damn sleepy I think I just eventually fell asleep anyways.

I wake up and all 3 cats are sleeping on my bed! ROFLMAO. It was sooo stinkin’ cute!! I just love them to death. XD


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