CATS Not FBI Kick Down My Door + Mr. Asshole

MOOD: onigiri- upset (Annoyed)
Quote Of The Day: “Why are you saying dumb shit?” -Juse

I didn’t sleep well last night because the cats kept trying to kick down my door. I could hear reason A outside yelling at Muffin to shut the hell up. Its one thing for you to run around and raise hell but when u start meowing we have a problem cuz my ass has to get some sleep before work tomorrow, and you’ll wake the neighbors!

Then even worse, the cats came trying to kick down my door again 4:20 this morning!! They woke me up cuz they were basically throwing their bodies against my door so the pounding woke me up, I looked at the time and it was like 4:20am!! Seriously guys?? I was annoyed and I heard Muffin meowing up a storm! Arg… So I got up super early today and I was pretty disoriented. How do I know this?? Because I went to my car ready to drive off and had to go back in the house 3 times cuz I kept forgetting shit!! First I forgot my bagel for breakfast, then I forgot my nasal spray, then I forgot my phone and bluetooth. Auhhh!! reason A was like “are you ok to drive like this??”

Then last night, the phone mount in my car broke, so now I can’t mount my phone. Kenny calls and I am digging for the damn phone in the purse. I finally get the phone and pick up but he was having some connection issues, and on my end I kept saying “hello? hello?” and I could hear him but he couldn’t hear me. I got SOOOO annoyed!! He hung up and called again like 5 times! This is all happening as I’m trying to drive.

We finally get through and I’m pretty pissed off already, because of the lack of sleep and my crappy morning so far. I told him about how I woke up extra early cuz of the cats and how they kept banging on the door. And he busted out with “well u should have shut the door” I was like, are you even listening to me?? If the door wasn’t closed then why would they bang on it? They’d just walk right in! Then he said “well that’s ur fault, u should have gotten them to get up later” I was like??? Please shut the f@ck up. I am not in the mood to deal with ur stupidity. How the f@ck do u control what time a damn cat wakes up?? At this point, I wanted to choke the hell out of Muffin and Kenny both. Ugh!! He could tell I was getting snappy. I just can’t deal with his ignorance sometimes. For once in ur life, can u show me some empathy please, u insensitive asshole!


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