This Heat Though…

MOOD: onigiri- terrified (Melting)
Quote Of The Day: “I’m not leaving the house anymore.” -reason A

Today was like 92 degrees people. WTF. It is only mid June. I can’t live like this. I might just pack a bag and move to the North Pole. Granted we had a rather long winter, and a lot of people were getting tired of the cold weather, but it warmed up too quick too soon. Isn’t our hottest month Aug/Sept?? I KNOW for a fact that we will hit 100 degrees this summer. I can feel it. And I will slowly melt away. Today I stayed home like a hermit so I could stay away from the heat. I remember when I did a lot of walkin’ around in the sun when I was in China and I had sunburn like a mofo. I know its cuz I’m pale. I don’t even know how even paler girls do it. Like how do u not stay forever burnt in the summer? O_o

With that said, I am on the look out for more dresses and shorts and stuff. I’m actually contemplating wearing a dress to work cuz our AC doesn’t work that great so even when I set thermostat to 73, its forever stuck on 78. FML. -__-;;


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