Upping My Coupon Game

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Quote Of The Day: “I saw someone haul silk pillow cases from Dollar Tree, I need those damn pillow cases!” -Juse

So its about to be summer and summer is a season I dread, but it is also peak of worm season. I think I started worming about May of last year? Man time flies. So its been over a year. I remember worming the most stuff during the hot months. I was drenched in sweat everyday coming home from work hauling bags and bags of things I’ve wormed. Good news is I’ve actually used up a good majority of the stuff. I’d say I might have half my stockpile left. Worming is also hardcore in the summer time cuz days are longer. So I can dedicate more time after work to go worm, and not worry about running around in the dark.

With that said, my one yr worming experience has lead me to make some adjustments or I hope improvements to my worm game. This year’s goal is to be efficient, organized and do the bulk of my worming on nonperishable items. With the organization in mind, I’ve always had the biggest problems with my “in store strategy”. I’m always juggling coupons, lists and looking all nervous in the store no matter how much pre-planning I do. Of course, now that I’m almost pro-status, it isn’t as bad anymore. Lol.

While browsing The Container Store (my happy place) I came across this little cutie!


Folded it takes up no space at all. I like that it has a band to keep notebook closed.


Left side has a small expandable filling system so u can separate ur coupons, and comes with labels so u can label ur tabs.


This is the full spread. Center has loop for a pen, and right side is a post-it notepad. Love that its divided into 3 color blocks so I can list my shopping list by store and its easy to read at-a-glance.

So! I’ve been using this for a couple of weeks now and granted we haven’t gotten in full blown worm season yet, I like this little notebook! Its clean its easy and it’ll keep me organized! Hooray for worm upgrades! Lol.


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