Ok Muffin.. U Win.

MOOD: onigiri- tired (Tired)
Quote Of The Day: “She’s getting too picky!!” -reason A

Sunday Funday! NOT. Today was definitely recuperation day. Lol. I woke up around 10am, and snuck out into the living room to make a sandwich. The cats were all over me. I could tell they were sleepy but they saw me get up and got excited. I’m sure they thought food was coming their way. They got tricked!! I made my sandwich and snuck back into my room to eat and watch Youtube videos. Then around noon time I got up cuz the cats were raising hell outside my door. The whole family was tired. We attempted to clean up around the house a little. We only got a little bit done though.

Then after lunch I went back to bed and took a nap til about 6pm?? Naps are few and far between these days for me, but it felt nice. For dinner, reason A thought she’d make liver congee for the cats. Donut doesn’t eat liver, so she saved her some shrimp. But u have to be fair with the cats! U know they have a keen sense of smell! So if u give Muffin and Bagel liver while u give Donut shrimp they can smell that!! Muffin went on strike and refused to eat the liver. She ate it last weekend though. reason A got really upset. She said Muffin was wasting her food. Lol. I told her that’s what u get for making her human food. Just let her eat her canned food and be happy! Finally reason A gave up and we gave her a can fish and she was a happy camper. Ahaha. What can u do right? Cats always win. -__-;;


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