Lenox & Panera W/ Lili

MOOD: onigiri- happy (Happy)
Quote Of The Day: “I think that mosquito just died of a heat stroke.” -reason A

Hooray!! Finally got to hang out with Lili! We totally missed first quarter. Whomp whomp. I got the cats and life got pretty hectic after that. It was super hot today. Good thing we stayed most of our time indoors. I finally got to see her house and met Mochi and Boston! I love how dogs slip and slide around hardwood floors. I think its hilarious. Lol. Good news is I think they liked me! Maybe it was cuz I bribed them with treats. Lol. Boston growled at me once? Honestly I didn’t think much of it cuz when Muffin gets upset, she hisses at us. >_>

We went to Lenox and hung out. Last time I went to Lenox was around Black Friday of last year. That place is always super packed. Now that school is out, its super crowded. We had lunch at Panera and like a little copy cat, I got what Lili got, which was the chicken and wild rice bread bowl and it was gooood.


Bad thing was, I couldn’t stop sweating after that! *FAILS* It was just too hot for soup. But it was good, I think I might take reason A one day. We actually spent most of our time testing out makeup. Lili found some clothes and then we hit up makeup counters asking for samples and testing stuff out. Oh man time flies when u show a girl makeup! Lol. I think I might have found a foundation I liked? And I finally found out that I am a MAC NC15. OMFG!! I’m like a pale ghost. Lol. Its funny when I hear people always using MAC as a shade reference on Youtube, and they’ll say, I’m an NC30. So I always assumed most Asian girls were like a 25-30. Why is my pale ass a 15?? Man!! If Kenny wore makeup I bet he’d be like a 40. Puahaha.

After we got out the mall, I went back to Lili’s house and I met Steve for the second time of my life. How odd. Lol. Well I guess we can’t complain about that cuz I only get to see Lili 4 times a year if we’re on schedule which we aren’t this year. *EPIC FAILS* (We also forgot to take selfies today.) But she said next time we might do Mall of Georgia and Bento again! Woohoo… Or maybe we can do Mizumi Ramen when I get my gift card…

Afterwards, I headed out, stopped by PetSmart and got more of the Sheba food multi-pack that was such a good deal. I also stopped by Great Wall to pick up some groceries and by the time I was done, it was going on 8pm!! I was freakin’ exhausted and I felt like I was going to faint. I have no idea how I’m going to survive this summer. I can feel already how hot its going to be and its only June!! Nooooo… *DIES*


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