Workin’ Hard For Le Monies~!

MOOD: onigiri- happy (Yay Me)
Quote Of The Day: “Its like shit vs. shit.” -Juse

U know how some days u just have a cleaning bug bite u and u wanna clean everything?? Well the damn productivity bug finally bit me and I got almost 2 months worth of backed up accounting paperwork done! Woohoo!! I have been putting off doing this since April. I’m suppose to do them at the end of the month or the first week of the beginning of the following month. But Its June already and I still haven’t done April’s paperwork! I just hate doing anything related to numbers! I know its such a disadvantage because to be successful, u need to be good with numbers, but I’m not. That’s why I put it off to the next month, then the next month. But I know its there. Its sitting on my desk staring at me. Lol. So I had to get my ass up and do it.

Mondays are usually blah, but today was very productive! I’m proud of myself! How sad to say I’m proud to be doing what my ass should be doing anyways. Ahaha. #fails


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