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Women’s World Cup: U.S. Vs. Germany Semi-Finals

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Quote Of The Day: “They’re too weak, they can’t outrun the U.S. girls.” -reason A


I need to rush home today after work! I mean haul ass!! The women’s World Cup match of U.S. against Germany starts at 6pm, and I don’t get off work til 5pm! Auhhh!! Honestly I’m not a huge soccer fan, but I’ll watch any international competition and championship matches. I just think its more exciting cuz I’m watching the best go against the best.

Fox is not broadcasting too many matches. I think I’ve only seen like 3. I got to see the U.S. and China one the other day, that was pretty fun. Since its the semi-finals against Germany which is a really strong team, I’m pretty pumped!! This should be an interesting game. Although I have a lot of faith in the U.S. team, they have only scored probably half the number of goals in this World Cup as the Germany team has and that’s a little scary. Lol. Lets Go!!

And I’m cheering on my favorite player #20!! I honestly haven’t seen Abby play much. She’s more just like a coach and motivator at this point. Lol. I think she goes in the last 10 minutes and just kinda hangs out. Lol!! I hope I get to see more of her play this round. Go Abby!!!

Muffin Goes M.I.A.

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Quote Of The Day: “I thought we lost Muffin!” -reason A

reason A had a huge scare today. When I got off work, she told me that Muffin had went missing around noon time. She checked all her usual spots including under bed and sofa, behind mirror and all the bedrooms and bathrooms. But no sign of Muffin! She started to panic cuz she did have the door cracked open. I warned her so many times about that but she swears they won’t run out. She usually uses one of her hand weights to hold the door cracked so cat’s can’t open up door any further, but honestly Muffin has like crazy muscles it wouldn’t even sunrise me if she could still open it!

She didn’t know what to do, she started to think that Muffin ran out, so she went outside calling for Muffin. I’m sure the neighbors were like who the hell is Muffin. Lol. So after a long time of looking and panicking, it finally occurred to her that she should bust out with a toy and see if she can lure Muffin out if she’s still in the house. When that little bell on the feather teaser made the jingling noise, Muffin came running!! Guess where she popped out of?? The cabinet under the sink in the kitchen! OMFG! reason A was pissed!! Its dirty and dusty and musty under there! reason A was like how did u spend hrs in that awful place!! Naughty cat!! When Muffin came out she was coughing and sneezing a lot. We knew it was from all the dust under there. We don’t keep anything under there cuz the kitchen sink leaks a little and so its always wet under there and full of dust. Ugh. What can u do? Shes at that rebellious age. Lol. But we’re just happy Muffin didn’t run away. Lol.

Cat In The Window

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Quote Of The Day: “She’s so smart! She’s like a pro!” -reason A

So recently Muffin has been on a mission of “window watching”. We feel bad for her, cuz our blinds are always down and she can’t see the outside. But she found out a few weeks ago that if she sticks her head behind the blinds, she can see outside. The problem is her constant “picking” at them has caused them to break. So u know each individual blind itself? Yeah, 5 of mine are broken in half and it looks sooo damn ghetto!! I was going to tape them back together but reason A said just don’t even bother cuz all she’s gonna do is just break them again. Ugh!!

So I decided that I’d get her an attachable window seal perch thing. Our window doesn’t have much of a ledge. So the cat’s can’t lie down or even stand on it to look outside. I figured since its inconvenient for them to look out the front window, maybe they could look out my bedroom window where we don’t mind raising the blinds high so they can see.


Bagel immediately fell in love with it, and was just chillin’ on it! Lol.


Little Donut was too short, she needed help getting up there, but once she did, she was just hanging out with bro lookin’ out the window!

So all in all the cats love it! Then later that day, when the babies were doing something else, I saw Muffin cozy up in it and was lovin’ it!! Not that anything exciting ever happens in the backyard (because most birds hang around front yard) but there is the occasional squirrel or chipmunk and I’m sure Muffin would love that! Lol. To round off the post, here are more pics of the fur babies.


Ahahaha!! Ridiculously lazy Donut!


The infamous “if it fits, I sits” pose from Muffin. Lol.

Rustic Couch W/ The Homies!

MOOD: onigiri- happy (Excited)
Quote Of The Day: “I like balls! Give me all the balls!” -Juse

Oh man!! We’ve been waiting for this day for a while now! Welcome back home Runa!! We’re super happy that after all these yrs of workin’ out of state she has finally got a job offer in GA and has officially moved back. I know she’s happy to be back as well. Although she made many good friends in NC, this is home for her! Her BFF is here, all her other friends are here, family is here, etc.

So in celebration as well as the fact that my Ah Ma is in town, we decided to hang out! Ranjiba had an appt with her lawyer around noon so we had to get up early for this meet up. Last time me and Runa really liked Rustic Couch so we decided to go there again this time around since Ranjiba and Ah Ma have never been.

We got there so damn early that the kitchen wasn’t even prepared yet. Ahaha. We went ahead and ordered anyways, and told them to just bring the food whenever its done. I had a $25 gift certificate from All we had to do was hit the min. purchase of $50, which was not a problem considering we had 4 people. It was a decent deal! We got $50 worth of food for $30 after tax. Here’s everything we got:


Shrimp Tacos! We got 3 cuz Ah Ma didn’t want one. They were goood~!


Loaded tots on the left, spicy nuggets on the right. Win and win.


More loaded tots, spicy nuggets and fried calamari. I have to admit, the calamari was really good.

We also got 4 drinks. So I think we did good!! We talked about a lot of things, marriage, relationships, we complained about our husbands, jobs, etc. I loved it!! We had tons of laughs and caught up on old times. This was the first time Ranjiba’s seen Ah Ma since high school graduation! OMG! At least me and Runa got to see her last time she was in town. We’re definitely gonna hang out at least one more time before Ah Ma has to goes back to AZ. (*Flicks tear)

I’m still trying to get use to Runa being back permanently. I don’t know why but its a little odd?? I’m still mentally thinking she’s gonna leave once school starts, but she’s not. She’s going to be in Smyrna. Lol. And of course like the fails that we are, we forgot to take pics of ourselves!! WTF!! *EPIC FAIL*

The “Shake”

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Quote Of The Day: “You could spend hours in the kitchen cooking and the kid doesn’t want to eat any of it.” -Chi

So today on The Bert Show they had mentioned the “shake” as in handshake. I’ve always been taught that u should give a firm handshake. But I’ve dealt with many business professionals and honestly I’ve had both ones that are so firm u feel like you’re about to lose your fingers, and ones who were so weak that u thought u were shaking hands with air. >_>

I admit, its odd getting a hand shake that’s weak and pathetic. I’ve never gotten it from a man, but I have gotten a few from women. I mean what can you say, its a woman! I guess some are just uncomfortable doing a firm handshake? Who the hell knows. But honestly I’d rather get the sad ass weak handshake than the ones where I feel like I’m going to lose all my fingers. I have small hands, I can’t deal with that. One time literally I was screaming in my head in pain. I think I had a hand coma. Maybe I even heard my finger snap. Lol.

Medium handshakes folks!! I give a decent one I think. Please let me keep my fingers, but at the same time, let me know we are shaking hands!

Internet Is Alive + The Golden Girls Throwback

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Quote Of The Day: “What if there’s only one of us left?” -Rose

Internet back up today! So I spent the whole day basically blogging, window shopping online and watching The Golden Girls on YouTube. The whole series!! I’m still on season one now. Oh the memories. I remember watching this growing up I loved this show! Its funny how I liked the show although i was just a kid. I still found them funny. My favorite was Sophia. She was a tiny, feisty, straight shooting grandma that told u like it was.

Actually watching the show makes me kinda of sad. Everyone except for Betty White from the show is dead!! Granted they weren’t young when they were on the show but 3 of the 4 ladies are already gone. We honestly just don’t know how long we have on this earth. We really should try our best to be happy. Sometimes we work really hard and forgot that we need to not be so hard on ourselves, we need to enjoy life and not have regrets. Eat what you want, wear what you want, do what you want, go where u want. We should experience all of that.

By the time you’re old and shriveled and don’t look as good in some clothes or can’t walk as far, u at least have memories of enjoying all of that while you were young.

Freedom!!! Followed By A Whomp Whomp

MOOD: onigiri- upset (Annoyed)
Quote Of The Day: “She knows that u know she knows.” -reason A

So Bossman isn’t here this week. He’s out of town on a business trip again and we all know what that means…


Lol. That’s exactly how I feel. XD But my freedom came to a damn halt today cuz the internet went down!! Noooo!! I need to watch my shows!! Sometimes I wonder if I really hate this job as much as I say I do. Its really a love hate relationship. I really do hate it, I hate the politics here, the lack of benefits, the pay, the 4 positions but just 1 paycheck, and Bossman of course. But what I can’t deny is the ridiculous stuff that I get away with as well!!

In the mornings when I come in, I get settled, sip my tea, connect my bluetooth and watch TV on the computer! I’ll watch until Bossman comes in around 10:30-11am-ish and then do some random paperwork. I’ll also be texting people, chatting online with Kenny and cutting coupons. I mean com’on now!! There is no job where u can do this. I feel like I slack off A LOT when I can to compensate myself for the ridiculous amount of work that I do regularly?

But anyways, point is, internet and phone lines were down all day! This morning I heard a police pursuit, followed by car alarms going off for a long time. I think that car might have hit a pole or something and knocked out our lines because our internet and phone lines died immediately after that.

I was on the phone trying to get a tech support person out for hrs! I’d keep calling back and they’d say they’re sending someone but they never did. I ended up just watching videos on my phone but I was pretty much doing nothing since phones weren’t ring, and I couldn’t check company email. This day seemed to have taken forever!!

Bill left early again today. He’s totally taking advantage of Bossman not being here. Its annoying the shit out of me. Arg!! When I had my 3 car accidents in a row, not only did he not empathize with how annoyed I must have felt but he kept giving me grief and telling me how I’m either handling it wrong or my insurance sucks, blah blah. Well guess what?? Now ur ass gets in a car accident and u’re having all this frustration, good!! U deserve it!!

Juse’s Mid-Year Evaluations 2015

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Quote Of The Day: “I think I need to work overtime, the kind that’s  free.” -Kenny

Alright, we’re slightly late for this but at least we’re still in the month of June so we’re fine. Its that time of the yr again folks!! Mid-year evaluations! Yup. Its time to take a look at the resolutions I set for myself at the beginning of the year and see how I’m doing on them. Its important for me to do this every year that I do set resolutions because at the mid-year point, I’d like to know if I am on a good pace, or need to up my game. Lets begin.


Start Steady Savings (This one I give myself a PASS! Although I don’t have much saved, I do have some, and I have maintained it so far. Granted it hasn’t “grown” as I’d like to have, but its a big step for me, and I’m pretty proud of myself. I’ll also add onto this by saying, I haven’t used any credit cards this month. Lol!! This is important because of my expenses, I’d always pay off my card, but then have to turn around and use that money again. Its like an ugly cycle. The longer I can hold out not using them and just pay, the faster I’ll pay them off, if I’m on track, I should be able to pay off 4 to 5 more before end of yr)

Purge (This one is a PASS!! I am so proud of reason A for finally waking up and purging. I’d also like to thank the cats for coming into our lives. As much energy and effort as it takes to take care of them I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world! In order to give them a better living environment, we literally cleaned til we passed out for over month, threw away a ton of stuff, and finally have a comfortable living environment instead of the hoarding situation we had before. Of course it does still get messy as u can imagine with 3 cats, but its just regular clean up. No hoarding!! Yays!)

Find A Job (This one is in the middle. Year is not over yet, so I still have 6 months to get a new job, depending on when Kenny’s paperwork can move on to the next phase, but for summary purposes it is a FAIL for now, I’m still at this hell hole!!)

Be More Mentally Sound (Earlier this year was still a little rough, but right now its great!! I again have to give all my thanks to the cats. They are such a blessing! Its been over 3 months and no drama with reason A at all!! We’ve put all our time, energy and everything else into the cats and they give us back so much joy and love that we don’t have time for drama or negative energy!! I don’t know if this is a cheat because the subject of Kenny hasn’t come up and I don’t know when it does if she will still explode like before but I am definitely gonna enjoy it for as long as I can!! This is a PASS!!)

Be More Social (This one is in the middle. Its not a fail because I have hung out a few times this yr with Lili, Adriana, Mike, June, Runa, Ranjiba, Chi, etc. But not as often as I would like. Maybe this will happen more often now that Runa is back. I’m also suppose to go catch a movie with Adriana soon and then it will be time to hang out with Lili again. I think I deserve a PASS!! Lol)

Oh man!! I have 4 out of 5 passes!! That’s pretty damn good! I’m proud of myself! Lol. I did better than I thought I was doing. That’s pretty positive. I told myself this would be a good year for me. I was trying to put it out there in the universe but I had a rocky first couple of months, but then after March, everything worked itself out and things are great now!! Thank you 2015 for working with me! Lol.

Random Monday Thoughts…

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Quote Of The Day: “What part of the movie is the XXL??” -Kenny

Bossman and Bosslady aren’t here this week #happyjuse

Bill is a fail at being old #oldfartscantwin

Huge millipede issue at home that I can’t resolve #infestation

AC unit in office not really working #heatstroke

Currently I have a pretty serious obsession with cold brew coffee #upgrade

Its almost end of the month, but I haven’t done min-year evaluations #goalfails

Lazy Sunday Bonding

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Quote Of The Day: “They’re attached to you. They’re always lookin’ for the chubby girl.” -reason A

If Saturday is “Errand Running Day” then Sunday is definitely “Recovery Day”. The cats were so happy today. They love Sundays. They get to sleep in and don’t have to wake up so early with me and reason A and we stay home all day and hang out with them. I really do feel bad for the cats when I have to lock them in my bedroom all day when me and reason A are gone on Saturday. Sometimes we don’t come back home til really late and we don’t even have the lights on!! When we let them out, they all got the chinky eyes cuz they go from pitch black to sudden bright lights. Lol.

Muffin was being SUCH a good girl today. We hung out all day. Then afternoon time I took a nap, and reason A asked if I wanted to close the door so I could get some peace and quiet, but I said nah. I know the cats wanna hang out with me and see me. Well right when I got to bed Bagel and Muffin came over and started stepping all over me! Like making biscuits on my legs. I’m super ticklish so I was cracking up. But I was so damn sleepy I think I just eventually fell asleep anyways.

I wake up and all 3 cats are sleeping on my bed! ROFLMAO. It was sooo stinkin’ cute!! I just love them to death. XD