Grandma Mode + Hubs Movie Fail

MOOD: onigiri- sweating (Uh…)
Quote Of The Day: “This going to be drama, Muffin has discovered the window.” -reason A

I think I need a better social life. I’m honestly too young to just be in this “grandma mode” that I’m in. I’m like a mix of a social hermit and a crazy cat lady. Lol. All I care about are staying home and being a couch potato, going grocery shopping or annoying people with my cat pictures and stories. Lol!! I’m only in my 30s! Can you imagine when I really become old?? It’ll just be me and my cats grocery shopping pathetically!! ROFLMAO. Such a sad thought… XD

Kenny said they had a company event yesterday. It was like 50+ folks from his company going out to a sushi dinner together, and then they were all gonna catch a movie. Fifty something people going to watch a movie together?? How does that work? Maybe movie theaters are bigger in China. Lol. I asked him this morning how that went and if he had fun, cuz he really socializes even less than me. He said dinner was fine but he didn’t join them for the movie, in matter of fact more than half didn’t go to the movie. I asked why?? Free movie? Hell I’d go! And he said cuz little chubby girl from his company bought the tickets and guess what movie it was for? Doraemon!! Are you freakin’ kidding me?? These are grown ass folks! U can’t expect 50+ grown ass folks going to watch a Doraemon movie! Lol. And Kenny said it was a live action version, not even the cartoon! I was like wow, so how does that work?? Its like a real person dressed in a huge Doraemon suit in the whole movie? Kenny said he has no clue, but thought it was stupid so he didn’t go. *FAILS*


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