Back At The Donut Shop + Good Job Bill!!

MOOD: onigiri- upset (Arg)
Quote Of The Day: “That’s not our check, see the name doesn’t say our name and the address is not ours.” -Juse

First day back at work was not fun. Good thing was Bossman didn’t come in til around noon time, and I was going to watch some TV, but I ended up spending hrs typing up backtrack blog posts. I’m finally all caught up!

I only took one day off and Bill managed to screw up two things. One, he updated a software that we weren’t planning on updating but since he already hit the ok button to update, we are gonna be $300 out of pocket for that. #billfail Then I don’t know how u even screw up the second thing but apparently mailman accidentally delivered us mail from the company a couple of doors down, and it happened to be a check. Seeing that the check was NOT made out to us, and the address on there was NOT our address, he still deposited the check!! Amazing!!

When I saw the deposit receipt from the check I was like what’s this? When I explained to him that’s not ours, he just kept saying “Oh gosh, well oh gosh!” Then he had to go to BOA to ask them for the check back. Bank said that they went ahead and deposited it already cuz it was a small amount so they didn’t pay attention either. *DOUBLE FAILS* So they advised us to cut that company a check to make up for it. Good job Bill!!


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