Last Day Of Vacay + Angel Cats + Fist Of Fury

MOOD: onigiri- scared (Shocked)
Quote Of The Day: “Wow, what’s gotten into Muffin?” -reason A

Noooo!!! Its my last day off!! These 4 days really just flew by. I see all my friends posting on FB of all the places they went to for their long weekend, beach hopping, going out of town and what do I do? Stay at home and be a bum. Lol! But I did enjoy my days off, so I can’t complain, plus I got an extra day right?? I just don’t understand why I feel more tired now than I did when I was going to work! I told Lili that I might just be a creature of routine, and when that’s broken I get restless and feel even more tired. -__-;; #vacayfail

So today I finally tackled the task of vacuuming. Its so hard to vacuum with cats, but ironically u should be vacuuming more with cats cuz of all the hair! Well Adriana had asked me if I had a bad cat hair issue, and I said I didn’t think so cuz I brushed their hair and not much loose hair came out? So I assumed maybe they were young so they weren’t shedding as much? Well my ass was wrong cuz when I went to vacuum today, I must have gotten at least 5lbs of cat hair up from just the living room alone!! Ewww!! Lol. Like it was legit a whole shopping bag of it. reason A was like O___O;; I think I need to get on the vacuum at least twice a week schedule. Oh boy… >_>

I wasn’t feeling well today cuz of cramps and stuff, so other than vacuuming I just stayed on the sofa all day Surprisingly the cats were on their best behavior! I was happy I didn’t have to chase Muffin down. Lol. She even came on the sofa and fell asleep next to me! She almost never does that! The funniest thing was even as she slept had a balled up fist!! I told Lili I wasn’t sure who she was trying to fight in her dream, but she had the Bruce Lee fist of fury thing going on and it was super funny!!



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