MOG + Juse Goes Boho Chic

MOOD: onigiri- kawaii (Happy)
Quote Of The Day: “U need to dress up and look pretty cuz you’re only in your 30s!” -reason A

Its rare that reason A actually gets a good night’s sleep, so I woke up super early but saw that she finally fell asleep so I hung out with the cats while she slept. I didn’t wanna wake her although we had said we’d get up early to hit up Mall of Georgia. We finally headed out the door around 3pm? I didn’t expect the mall to be packed on Memorial Day but Mall of GA is forever packed!! We caught lunch there since we didn’t eat before we left, and got lucky and found a table. U can never find a table in that place!

After lunch we went searching for knitted tops. Something I could pull over a sleeveless dress so that I wouldn’t feel that naked? I want to dress more weather appropriate, but I can’t have all my meat hanging out. It just makes me self conscious. And I found a really cute one!


Cute ain’t it? Not really my usually style, cuz its so “girly” but I really like it. Hooray for finally wearing dresses! Lol. After we got home we were worn out though. I can tell I’m getting old cuz walkin’ a few hrs around the mall got me all sore and tired. Lol! I feel the same age as reason A, that can’t be good. *GULPS*


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