Muffin’s PTSD + Will Visits Cat FamBam

MOOD: onigiri- sad (Awww)
Quote Of The Day: “I didn’t know why he was breathing so heavy. I thought to myself, does he have asthma??” -Juse

So I bought these two rolling carts for my room. The biggest problem I have with my room I feel is the lack of shelving or drawers. I have a lot of crap in my room and my desk doesn’t have any drawers. I got these two rolling cart things that matches my desk with the grey and black.


So anyways, as I was assembling it in the living room, the cats came over, and the second Muffin laid eyes on this cart, she freaked out! Her pupils dilated, she froze up then she darted under the sofa and refused to come out! Me and reason A were shocked cuz we hadn’t seen this kind of behavior from her since the first couple of days she was here! We didn’t know what she was so scared of! We tried to get her out with toys, treats, but nothing would work. Finally I realized that the frame of the cart must look like bars of a cage to her! She must have thought this was a huge cage! Then we were like awww… Poor Muffin! I knew she had been through a lot as a kid, cuz she’s only a yr old and has already changed 3 owners already. She came from a bad environment where she had to fend for herself and was constantly starving. Maybe there was a period of time she was also put in a cage?? That must be it!

The kittens didn’t think anything of it. They were playing and climbing, so we knew the cage was just a bad memory for Muffin. Then my friend Will came over. I told him I got some cat stuff for him. He hadn’t been ever since we cleaned the place up and got the cats. When he came, Muffin really lost it! She was shaking she was backed into the wall, it was horrible! I told reason A, that she probably sees the “cage” looking thing, then sees a stranger come, she’s probably thinking, “OMG, they’re trying to get rid of me!” My poor baby!!

The whole time Will was here, she didn’t come out. Little Donut came out to smell Will at first but she got freaked out cuz I think this is only the second man she’s ever seen and also a stranger. She immediately ran behind the TV stand and poked her head out to look at him, and then she ran to the other side and poked her head out to look again. It was soo stinkin’ cute! Lol. She did this about 3 times back and forth before she ran under the sofa to hang with Muffin.

Bagel was my brave champ! Just like a curious little boy he was out and about. At first he had his reservations but he started smelling Will and hanging out immediately and it didn’t both him much. Lol. I told Will it was a shame he came to visit the cats, but 2 of the 3 were in hiding. *FAILS* Later on that night, after I got the carts assembled and showed Muffin they weren’t cages, and Will had left; Muffin came out and was super loving!! She was head butting me like crazy. I think this is her way of saying thank you for not sending her away in the cage with the stranger. Lol. My poor baby. XD


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